The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) Review

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The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) Review

Horrorific content by Jaredsoto on March 20th, 2021 | Movie Review | Cursed, Police, Folk Horror, Werewolf

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It’s about a small town officer who is tasked with solving a string of brutal murders that occur when a full moon is present.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow was directed by Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) and stars Riki Lindhome (The Last House on the Left), Robert Forster (Jackie Brown and Mulholland Drive), and Jimmy Tatro (The King of Staten Island).

Welcome to Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow Review

First off, I just want to say that this is not just a horror film. It’s a horror comedy/thriller. There is nothing wrong with that. If done correctly, these types of films create something out of the ordinary and usually are a good time. Does The Wolf of Snow Hollow succeed at combining these 3 elements? Let’s find out!

The film centers around a small town named Snow Hollow and an alcoholic officer named John Marshall played by the film’s director, Jim Cummings. This isn’t Cummings first time in front of the camera as he was the lead in his first feature film Thunder Road. Brutal murders start taking place around town, and strangely enough, they happen when a full moon is out. It gets even weirder because the murder victims are brutalized so badly that officials are saying that an animal is responsible for the deaths. Marshall and his team are tasked in solving the murders and bringing back peace to the quiet town of Snow Hollow.

Along with grisly murders and a manhunt for the person (or thing) responsible for all the bloodshed, Marshall is battling his own personal demons. He is divorced, his daughter has grown up neglected due to his alcohol addiction, as well as his job taking up a lot of his time. He is also dealing with the deteriorating health of his semi retired father, who happens to be his boss. I really enjoyed these subplots because they create strong character development for most of the characters in this film and really flesh out the story, which makes it more complex, in the best way possible.

A lot happens within the film. A lot of death, a lot of drama, and a lot of problems. Many themes are explored here, and the theme that really stuck out to me is the fact that we as humans, can become the ugliest of monsters. What I mean is, if we allow ourselves to fall in a deep hole, we start negatively affecting ourselves and everything we come in contact with.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow does a lot right and not a lot wrong. It’s witty, It’s dark, and It’s brutal in more ways than one. The acting is phenomenal, The cinematography is solid, and the score really does well at setting up the scenes.

Worth Watching?

That is a solid yes. I would definitely recommend it. It has a bit of everything for everyone. It’s a solid film that I would watch more than once.

Jim Cummings is a special man and I cannot wait to see what he conjures up next. I’m hoping for more horror based content from him in the future.

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