The Third Saturday in October Part V (2022) Review

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The Third Saturday in October Part V (2022) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on June 28th, 2022 | Movie Review | Slasher, Comedy, Back from the Dead, Campy, College, Gore, Maniac, Suburb

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It's about a masked killer who rises from his grave to kill the residents of a small town... again!

The Third Saturday in October Part V was directed by Jay Burleson and stars Kansas Bowling (Verotika), Poppy CunninghamTaylor SmithBart HyattAutumn JaideTom HagaleParker Love BowlingDaniel CuttsDevan Katherine, and Faith Bruner.

The Third Saturday in October Part V (2022) Review

The Third Saturday in October Part V is the second movie in a slasher series. It is recommended that viewers start with this movie. It is described as a horror movie for kids that captures the video store era, in which rental selections were limited by availability and often led to watching horror franchises out of order. This film experimentally pays homage to the subgenre of slasher films by playfully referencing specific periods and regions.

In Part V, a recap montage catches viewers up to speed on the events of the previous non-existent films. The movie then settles into a familiar slasher set up in a small Alabama town in the '90s. It's the doomed third Saturday in October. Spending the night watching football for the town is a way to come together and bond. For young PJ, it's an opportunity to convince her babysitter Maggie to take her to Catfish Cabin before the night is over. Unfortunately, Harding, the masked killer, has returned from the dead and begun killing again. If only someone would figure this out before it's too late.

Jay Burleson does a great job of creating an atmosphere that recaptures the era's feelings and patiently establishes the characters that fit the slasher movie archetype. Burleson draws heavily from Halloween, but it's far from the only movie he takes inspiration from. For example, Lester copies Texas Chain Saw's Franklin, stuttering George imitates It's Bill Denbrough. The killer, Harding, is a combination of different horror movie characters but is primarily based on Michael Myers.

Harding takes his time to get going, with a lot of sneaking around during the build-up as Burleson allows his cast of characters to establish their personalities and set up jokes. This wacky experiment is endearing to viewers long before the actual slashing finally kicks into high gear, lampooning localized commercials on TV, subversions of slasher nudity, place party goers, and an entire town transfixed by football.

Burleson provides a good time as well, with a variety of kills and practical effects. However, it seems more interested in tongue-in-cheek humor than in serious bloodshed. That means the kills are never too graphic or violent and, in the spirit of a fourth sequel, never too complicated in terms of plot. It's just a party, attendees, and a sneaky killer out to have a great time on a Saturday night in October. But, of course, it's also designed to ensure you have a good time.

Although Part V may not be completely accurate in its reconstruction of the straight-to-video aesthetic, Burleson's care and authenticity in approach give the film an air of legitimacy. This is achieved through camera work, production design, and dialogue. It's a loving recreation of a hyper-specific era in horror fandom, and Burleson and team give it their all to let you in on the joke.

Worth Watching? 

The Third Saturday in October Part V is a clever slasher movie that intends to make viewers feel like they're renting Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan on a weekend because someone else got to the video store first and rented all the other entries. You don't need to know anything about the movie or the town going in to enjoy it. Part V never bothers filling in any blanks either; it's not necessary to the fun. It's an infectious and intentionally bad horror movie made by and for fans of the genre. While its flaws are evident, they only add to the charm.

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