The Outwaters (2022) Review

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The Outwaters (2022) Review

Horrorific content by angie on May 24th, 2022 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Lovecraftian, Hell, Wilderness, Madness, Desolate, Gore, Isolation, Found Footage, Splatter

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It's about a group of friends who camp out in the Mojave Desert before a terrifying entity beyond human comprehension annihilates them.

The Outwaters was directed by Robbie Banfitch and stars Robbie BanfitchAngela BasolisScott Schamell, and Michelle May.

We All Die In The Dark.

The Outwaters (2022)

In The Outwaters, a found-footage nightmare, there is nothing familiar or conventional about the initial setup. However, Robbie Banfitch has something much more disturbing in store for the journey. Banfitch mercilessly soothes viewers with a lulling intro before ripping open a pit of terror beneath them, flinging them into a dark abyss of gory insanity.

The Outwaters is a story told through three memory cards found in the Mojave Desert. The cards contain footage of a group of people who set out to make a music video while camping, filmed by LA filmmaker Robbie. The uneventful trip is disrupted by strange sounds, vibrations, and animal behavior. Then, one night, everything changes, and they are sent on a terrifying journey.

The characters in Banfitch's feature don't set out to find trouble. They're not looking for urban legends or haunted places. They're just living their lives, and trouble finds them. Banfitch devotes a significant amount of time to introductions in order to establish a feeling of normality; these four friends only expected a relaxing time in the desert. It's a refreshing break from the genre's tropes, but, more importantly, it creates a stark contrast that makes what's ahead of all the more shocking.

The Outwaters is a found footage movie that plunges viewers into the depths of insanity. A conventional found footage movie transforms into an experimental cosmic nightmare, with only a camera and flashlight to guide the way through the pitch black. The narrow perspective manages to show writhing creatures slithering across the desert sand, the large amount of blood and carnage present everywhere, giving the imagination space to run wild with the darker aspects. The sound design is fantastic and further pulls you into this nightmarish landscape. It gets more and more unrealistic, drifting further away from anything that resembles the world we know.

This film is very horrific, with little explanation given to the audience. Banfitch provides visual clues for the audience to piece together what is happening but never explains it thoroughly. This choice could result in very different opinions, but the director is more interested in an immersive horror experience. The Outwaters is an experimental horror movie that uses disturbing imagery and audio to create a feeling of unease and terror. The movie's focus on uncertainty and unpredictability makes the protagonist's panicked state of mind feel very real.

Worth Watching?

Banfield not only starred in, wrote, and directed the film, but also produced, edited, did the cinematography, and handled the special effects and sound design. It's a remarkable achievement, especially considering the level of skill involved. The found-footage format is taken to new levels of depravity and perversion by director Banfield. His expert control over the material creates a shocking and unforgettable experience. Robbie's journey cannot be guessed at. The end is certain, but the means are grueling and will turn your stomach. The idyllic beginning, full of pastel sunsets, quickly descends into a dark, bloody nightmare that will stay with you long after the end of the credits.

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