The Other Hell (1981) Review

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The Other Hell (1981) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on January 26th, 2019 | Movie Review | Cursed, Supernatural, Nunsploitation, Religion, Demon, Hell

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It's about a priest who travels to investigates a series of brutal murders at a depraved convent.

The Other Hell was directed by Bruno Mattei (who also directed Cannibal World and Madness) and stars Franca Stoppi (from Beyond The Darkness), Carlo De Mejo (from Manhattan Baby) and Andrea Aureli.

AKA: L'altro Inferno

The Other Hell

The Other Hell is a sleazy Italian exploitation film featuring a convent of sadistic satanic nuns. This movie isn't unlike many others that share the same plot, including classics like Mother Joan of the Angels as well as modern horrors like The Nun. But unlike these others, The Other Hell takes the blasphemy, sexual violence, savagery and every other taboo to an entirely new level. Just to give you a taste, the entire basement under the supposedly sacred convent is a vile lair full of skull shrines, rotting corpses and bubbling cauldron's, a workshop of witchcraft designed to summon evil and raise the dead.

Our poor priest didn't expect this coming in, of course. He was just sent to investigate some murders and assumed a rouge nun was to blame. Turns out, he stumbled onto a Mother Superior who spawned the child of Satan. So yeah, that should clue you into the wild ride you can expect if you decide to sit down for this one.

The movie is very 80's Italian horror, very over the top and very stylistic. There's a lot of dramatic music and laser sound effects. It's similar to movies like The Beyond and Dark Waters.

Worth Watching?

As much as I like over the top taboo, gore and practical effects, The Other Hell simply isn't that great of a movie. It has some serious pacing issues. Its 90 min run time feels more like 190. And it's a low budget film as well, so the blood looks like bright red paint and the gore is just a lot of slime. If you're really into classic nunsploitation films than you might like this, otherwise I'd suggest moving on.

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