The Marshes (2017) Review

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The Marshes (2017) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on February 01st, 2020 | Movie Review | Survival, Wilderness, Thriller, Maniac, Urban Legend

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It's about 3 people being chased around an Australian nature preserve by a not so urban legend.

The Marshes was directed by Roger Scott and stars Mathew Cooper, Dafna Kronental and Sam Delich.

When Science Ends Survival Begins (what?!)

The Marshes, or "The Maaaawshas" in Australian, is a Shudder original that you've probably seen before, even if you haven't seen it before. I say that because it's the same movie as countless others. Stop me if you've seen this one: A group of city yuppies take a road trip into the country, stop at a creepy gas station, have a run in with dangerous red neck types, then in a surprise twist run into those same rednecks out in the wilderness. If only they had cell phone reception...

Killing Ground was another Australian horror movie with this same exact premise, only Killing Ground was creative and mind bending while The Marshes was more formulaic and mind numbing.

The Marshes is a very, very basic movie.

But is it scary?

Maybe. Maybe if this is the very first horror movie you've ever seen and up to this point you've only watched creepy episodes of Spongebob, than maybe it can be a little scary. 

I personally found the shaky cam more nauseating than the kills. The camera is constantly moving even during simple dialog scenes. Things keep going in and out of focus, sunshine glares sporadically tear through scenes. It's all very distracting.

There was a kangaroo roadkill shot early on that I found disturbing, but everything beyond that was predictable and uninspired.

Worth Watching? 

Nopes. If you want to see a better movie about city yuppies getting chased around the country watch Killing Ground. Or Eden Lake. Or The Hills Have Eyes. Or Wrong Turn. Or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Or Maximum Overdrive. Or The Cabin in the Woods. So many options.

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