The Lurking Fear (2023) Review

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The Lurking Fear (2023) Review

Horrorific content by christina on September 07th, 2023 | Movie Review | Survival, Haunted, Supernatural, Psychological, Dangerous Exploration, Asylum, B-Horror, Paranormal Proof

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It's about a TV crew who shoots a reality show at an abandoned mental institution but must engage in a bloody fight for survival when they encounter a horde of demons.

The Lurking Fear was directed by Darron Dalton and Robert Gillings and stars Robert Davi (Awaken, Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence, and Maniac Cop 2) and Michael Madsen (Lumberjack Man, Magi, and Megalodon).

The Lurking Fear Review

"The Lurking Fear" is a movie that falls short of expectations and disappoints on multiple fronts. Despite its loose connection to H.P. Lovecraft's 1922 short story of the same name, the film fails to capture the essence of Lovecraftian horror or offer a satisfying cinematic experience.

The film opens with a promising premise: a crazed scientist exploiting vulnerable individuals for personal gain. However, this potential is quickly overshadowed by numerous issues that plague the movie from start to finish.

One major problem is the overwhelming number of characters introduced in rapid succession. Viewers are bombarded with diverse characters, including television show producers, an asylum expert, the show's host, multiple law enforcement officers, the host's wife, and more. This rapid character introduction creates confusion and makes keeping track of who's who in the story challenging.

Adding to the confusion is the film's disjointed and haphazard narrative structure. Scenes jump around without clear transitions or logical sequencing, leaving audiences needing clarification. The pacing could be more consistent, and the continuity between scenes feels disjointed, making it difficult to follow the story's progression.

This lack of narrative coherence is exacerbated by subpar editing, poor scriptwriting, and questionable direction. The filmmakers may have needed a more well-defined plan for organizing the film's events, resulting in a mishmash of scenes and sequences. The editing must provide a smooth flow, leaving viewers struggling to piece together the plot.

Furthermore, the film's dark and foreboding asylum setting never truly feels menacing or dangerous. External shots of the asylum grounds, complete with graffiti-covered walls, do little to convey a sense of dread or isolation. This lack of atmosphere diminishes the film's potential for creating a genuinely eerie and unsettling environment.

The film attempts to incorporate elements of shock and gore, but its execution often comes across as comical rather than terrifying. The makeup work could be better, and attempts to elicit visceral reactions from the audience often result in unintended laughter. The movie's predictable plot twists further weaken its impact, making it easy for viewers to anticipate the unfolding events.

As the story progresses, characters are picked off individually, following the well-worn formula of generic horror films. However, these deaths lack tension and fail to instill a sense of genuine fear. Instead, they feel contrived and uninspired, contributing to the overall mediocrity of the film.

While some seasoned actors like Michael Madsen and Robert Davi manage to inject some energy into their roles, most of the cast delivers lackluster performances. Inconsistencies in accents, difficulty understanding dialogue, and uninspired delivery further detract from the film's quality.

Worth Watching?

In conclusion, "The Lurking Fear" is a movie that fails to live up to its potential and falls short on multiple fronts. Its disjointed narrative, poor editing, uninspired direction, and lackluster performances make it a challenging watch. Despite its attempts to use Lovecraftian themes and veteran actors to bolster its credibility, the film ultimately disappoints, leaving viewers with a forgettable and unsatisfying cinematic experience. It joins the ranks of subpar horror films on platforms like Tubi, failing to make a mark in the genre.

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