The Invisible Man (1933) Review

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The Invisible Man (1933) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on January 14th, 2021 | Movie Review | Classic Horror, Mad Scientist

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It's about a mad scientist who injects himself with flowers (seriously) that turn him invisible... and also into a raving lunatic.

The Invisible Man was directed by James Whale (who also directed Bride Of Frankenstein and The Old Dark House) and stars Claude Rains (from Phantom Of The Opera and The Wolf Man), Gloria Stuart (from Secret Of The Blue Room) and Forrester Harvey (from The Mysterious Doctor and The Invisible Man Returns).

He's here... he's there... He's Everywhere! Catch him if you can!

Invisible Man Review

The Invisible Man starts off with a heavily bandaged man walking through the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter. He stumbles into the local tavern in a small town where he orders a room and demands privacy. Naturally, all of the locals who watched him wander in are curious and start to gossip. Cut to a laboratory where we learn he was messing with some secret experiments before he took off without a trace. Cut back to the tavern and he's not making any friends. He assaults both of the owners, one of whom is an old lady, and threatens the local police before ripping off his bandages revealing his invisibility. He then rants about how he can do anything he wants including robbing, raping and killing and then goes on to terrorize the entire town. This dude is bad news.

The bulk of this movie is about the small town trying to catch him as he grows increasingly power hungry and homicidal. He racks up a kill count of over 120!

One thing that always surprises me is how captivating these old Universal monster movies are. The concepts might be simple but the stories and characters are deep. This can't be said about all classic horror movies. Universal classics are quality. One thing that immediately jumped out at me about this movie in particular was how cool the special effects were, they must have been mind-blowing way back in 1933.

The Invisible Man was a lot of fun to watch, way more so than I expected. I'm looking forward to watching the remake from 2020 next.

Worth Watching?

If you're into classic horror then definitely. Every Universal monster movie including this one is fantastic.

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