The Guest Room (2021) Review

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The Guest Room (2021) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on January 26th, 2023 | Movie Review | Love Sick, Drama, Psychological, Madness, Thriller, Mystery, Isolation

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It's about a woman who attempts to take her own life but is interrupted by a strange man who insists he stay the night in the guest room.

The Guest Room was directed by Stefano Lodovichi and stars Guido CaprinoCamilla FilippiEdoardo PesceRomeo PellegriniGabriella BonifaziRiccardo MauriValentina Piersanti, and Jacopo Caradonna.

The Guest Room (2021) Review

The Guest Room is a 2021 Italian thriller directed by Stefano Lodovichi. It is debuting at Grimmfest in Manchester, UK. The movie is shot entirely in one location and has a small cast. Being dialogue driven and subtitled, it may be challenging for some English audiences. However, if you are willing to immerse yourself, The Guest Room is a highly engaging experience.

A woman stands on the window's ledge, wearing her wedding dress. She prepares to jump, but her doorbell rings, interrupting her suicide attempt. A stranger comes to Stella's door, claiming to have booked a room with her husband, Sandro. Stella tells the stranger that rooms have not been offered for reservation for some time, but the stranger insists that Sandro has agreed to meet with him. Stella reluctantly agrees to let a stranger stay the night after being heavily guilt-tripped. The stranger, Guilio, proceeds to make himself at home; but the situation turns hostile when Stella's husband, Sandro, returns home and finds the stranger there.

The film "The Guest Room" takes place entirely within the confines of Stella's home, focusing on the three characters above. Stella, the bride in the window, is played by Camilla Filippi. Edoardo Pesce stars as Sandro, Stella's husband, who has been away for some time. Guido Caprino plays the role of Guilio, an eccentric stranger. Finally, our stranger "Guilio," is played by Guido Caprino. This production is impressive in its simplicity, with just a small cast and a single location. Lodovichi manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout. This is a bold move for small-scale production, but it works perfectly. The film's opening scene is both shocking and intriguing, and within the first few minutes, the viewer is left both mystified and curious. Guido Caprino's performance as "Guilio" is captivating, and he takes us through a wide range of emotions as the plot steadily develops. The biggest takeaway from the film is easily Caprino's magnetic performance, which keeps the viewer engaged throughout.

Although it is set in a single room, the production does not make viewers feel claustrophobic. The house in the film is large and grand, with tall windows and sweeping staircases. However, the lavish home detailed in the text appears to be neglected and depressing, with heavy drapes blocking most of the natural light. There is a sense of isolation within the home as the situation described within the text grows increasingly dire, as those inside are cut off from the rest of the world. The movie uses close angles on the actors to highlight the emotional buildup, where Guido Caprino's character shines the most. Guido Caprino portrays his character's rapid descent to insanity very well.

Worth Watching? 

The Guest Room is an exciting and suspenseful story that ends with a shocking and unforeseen twist that will leave the viewer stunned and amazed. Who is Guilio, who happens to arrive at just the right time to interrupt Stella's attempted suicide? Why does he know so much about Stella and her husband? What secrets are they keeping from him? This movie is perfect for the spooky season and is highly recommended. This Italian gem is worth the watch; it will appeal to horror cinema experts and the average moviegoer.

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