The Curse of Wolf Mountain (2023) Review

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The Curse of Wolf Mountain (2023) Review

Horrorific content by angie on June 16th, 2023 | Movie Review | Survival, Drama, Wilderness, Mystery, Creature, Isolation, Werewolf, Dangerous Exploration, B-Horror

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It's about a group of friends who visit the mountain where one of their parents died, only to encounter three escaped inmates and a much more dangerous predator lurking in the woods.

The Curse of Wolf Mountain was directed by David Lipper (Death Link) and stars Keli Price (Sleep No More), Tobin Bell (Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman, Let Us In, and The Call), Malu TrevejoKarissa Lee StaplesDanny Trejo (The Prey: Legend Of Karnoctus, VampFather, and The Last Exorcist), David Lipper (Death LinkThe Unwilling, and Lost After Dark), Eddie McClintockFernanda Romero (Corbin Nash, The Eye), and Matt Rife (Death Link).

The Curse of Wolf Mountain Review

The human desire for closure after the death of a family member is often intense. Grieving is a normal process during which humans attempt to give meaning to their lives by facing feelings of loss and sadness while also trying to preserve the memory of their loved ones. People need to find some closure after these painful events to maintain a sense of purpose and focus on celebrating the life that was lived. Going through photographs and watching home videos can bring joy as well. Sharing thoughts and emotions with close family members at an intimate group gathering or handling anything that belonged to them can also help bring peace. Although it's difficult, coming together with other survivors and discussing their feelings is often therapeutic. No matter how anyone chooses to find closure, spending time with others who are mourning can be part of it while helping each other cope on the road towards accepting life without their beloved family member. This search for completion usually takes many forms, including finding comfort in memories, writing letters or journaling, engaging in physical activities such as a memorial walk or run, choosing to donate their organs or donate money to charity in honor of them, or visiting the place where their loved one passed away. This latter option leads to dire consequences for the protagonists of The Curse of Wolf Mountain.

After experiencing the mysterious death of their parents during a childhood camping trip, AJ (played by Keli Price, who also wrote the film) and his brother Max (played by David Lipper, who also directed the film) decide to revisit the exact location, Wolf Mountain, with their significant others and a few friends. Meanwhile, three inmates, including the iconic Danny Trejo, escaped a nearby prison. However, a more dangerous predator lurks on the mountain, seeking its next prey.

The standout aspect of "The Curse of Wolf Mountain" is the decent acting across the board. The performances surpass those typically found in movies of a similar caliber, which I appreciated. Although the plot is predictable and the action lacks intensity, the actors make the story believable. On the gore front, the film is a mix of hits and misses. Some kill scenes display evident effort and craftsmanship, while others are uninspiring. The intention seems to have been to make each kill memorable, but I can only recall one, even though I had just finished watching the film.

Despite being prominently featured in the credits, poster, and trailer, Tobin Bell and Danny Trejo have only a few minutes of screen time, likely completing their scenes in a single day. Trejo's role as the escaped prisoner is more substantial, with a few locations dedicated to his character. On the other hand, Bell only appears briefly as AJ's therapist at the beginning, leaving fans of either actor wanting more.

Worth Watching?

While some of the character development could be better, the story ultimately fails to make an impact. Multiple scenes featuring G-rated sex attempt to create excitement but end up disappointing due to the film's lack of substance. The movie needs to deliver solid nudity, leaving one to question the purpose of these scenes. They were included solely to prolong the film's runtime. As it stands, "The Curse of Wolf Mountain" is a commendable effort that initially shows potential in establishing its desired tone. Still, it fails to deliver anything memorable or worth recommending due to constraints such as budget or inexperience.

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