The Collection (2012) Review

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The Collection (2012) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on May 28th, 2019 | Movie Review | Survival, Confined, Gore, Party, Torture

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It's about a guy who escapes from a deranged psycho killer, only to be forced to go right back to him.

The Collection was directed by Marcus Dunstan (who also directed The Neighbor and The Collector) and stars Josh Stewart (from I nsidious: The Last Key, Malicious, Cold Moon), Christopher Mcdonald (from Abruptio, The Eighteenth Angel) and Emma Fitzpatrick (from Bloodsucking Bastards).

Every great collector has a vision.

The Collection Review

The Collection is the sequel to The Collector, a movie about a maniac who terrorizes, tortures, kills and kidnaps unlucky people. The Collection goes a different route than The Collector. Instead of one guy trying to escape from the maniac, this time a guy who was previously kidnapped by him has to lead a team of guys into the maniacs stomping grounds, which are of course rigged with endless traps.

The Collection is a pretty thin movie, it's one of those sequels that was really made only to give hardcore fans more of what they like. The plot is weak, the characters disposable and the concept behind the maniacs place of work ridiculous. Of course, you could say the same about many horror franchises. But this one in particular was underwhelming.

The traps and the gore were creative, and since ultimately that's what anyone watching The Collector part 2 would be looking for, it delivers.

Worth Watching?

Only if you loved The Collector and want to see more people getting lured into more traps. Otherwise, you won't be missing anything if you pass on this one.

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