Terrifier (2016) Review

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Terrifier (2016) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on October 27th, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Halloween, Gore, Clown, Featured Maniac

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It's about a killer clown named Art who seriously f*cks up some fools on Halloween.

Terrifier was directed by Damien Leone (who also directed Terrifier 2) and stars Jenna Kanell (from The Bye Bye Man), Katie Maguire (from All Hallows' Eve) and Catherine Corcoran (from 100 Acres Of Hell and Long Lost).

Makes Pennywise look like Krusty!

Terrifier Review

Art The Clown is not like any of the killer clowns you see floating around the horror genre. Yeah there's psycho clowns like the crew from ClownTown, but they just come across as psychos in clown costumes. There's also supernatural clowns like Pennywise from It, but he's more of an alien soul snatcher than a killer. Then there's super grungy clowns like in Eli Roth's Clown, but that's more of a cursed costume. Art is like a maniac mime who just likes to see people suffer. He never speaks a word, he doesn't make any sounds at all, he doesn't wear colorful clothes and he doesn't give a shit about kids. 

Terrifier is a simple tale. Two girls out partying on Halloween catch the eye of Art. He begins intently stalking them while aggressively maintaining eye contact with one in particular. The other tries to pull his attention away from her and he wrecks her world for it, in the most gory way imaginable. Hell, everyone meets a gory end in Terrifier. There's virtually no plot and no meaningful dialog. It's just an old school style bloody grunge horror where everyone gets got.

Art The Clown was first introduced in a short film from 2008 called The 9th Circle. People wanted more so another short was released two years later called Terrifer. Art's first big screen debut was in the Halloween anthology from 2013 called All Hallows Eve. People still wanted more so three years later we were given this full-length feature film, again called Terrifier. And Terrifier 2 is scheduled for release in 2021.

So here's the thing about all these Art The Clown movies. They're all the same. This Terrifier is literally a mashup of all the others. It has many of the exact same scenes, some of the exact same sets and even some of the same actors. But it makes sense, all Art does is walk around and silently butcher people while flashing creepy bloody smiles and sometimes honking his old fashioned clown horn.

I suppose it's no different from every movie Michael Myers or Jason was in. They also just walk around and silently slash. Terrifer is like watching a Halloween or Friday the 13th that starts right in the middle, no story or buildup, just butchering.

Worth Watching?

I definitely think so. Especially if you like classic 80's B-movie splatter slashers.

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