Teman Tidur (2023) Review

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Teman Tidur (2023) Review

Horrorific content by christina on September 04th, 2023 | Movie Review | Haunted, Supernatural, Thriller, Teen, Revenge, Internet, Cursed Image

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It's about a new transfer student to a school in Indonesia who must uncover the truth behind a friend's suicide and the ghostly presence that appeared afterward, due to an erotic video of her being leaked by a group of bullies.

Teman Tidur was directed by Ray Nayoan (Takut: Faces of Fear) and stars Givina LukitaBaskara Mahendra (Deadly Love Poem, May the Devil Take You Too), Gunawan SudradjatMeriam BellinaRafael TanAbun SungkarMutiara SofyaDeanda PutriGesya Shandy, and Abigail.

Teman Tidur Review

Ray Nayoan, a filmmaker recognized for his previous work on the anthology horror film "Takut: Faces of Fear" in 2008, has made a comeback to the horror genre with "Teman Tidur" after his foray into drama with "Jelita Sejuba." This Indonesian horror film unfolds within a high school and spotlights a young ensemble cast, a recurring theme in teen horror cinema. The film's central theme immediately intrigued the author, which delves into the pervasive issue of bullying that plagues high school students, manifesting itself in both physical confrontations and the insidious realm of online harassment.

"Teman Tidur" takes the audience through the tumultuous journey of Amanda, portrayed by Givina Lukita Dewi, a newcomer to a school notorious for its toxic culture of bullying. Her primary motive for relocating to the school's dormitory is to prepare diligently for an upcoming biology olympiad. However, Amanda swiftly falls victim to the relentless bullying campaigns of malevolent schoolmates. This predicament soon takes an unexpected twist as she encounters Adam, played by Baskara Mahendra, and his group of friends, who have made it their mission to protect the targets of bullying from their tormentors. Amanda gravitates toward Adam's gang, forging connections born from shared adversity. Meanwhile, the simmering tensions reach a boiling point as Davin, portrayed by Rafael Tan, exhibits his displeasure upon witnessing Amanda and Adam's burgeoning closeness.

Davin's suspicions run deep, as he harbors a belief that Adam and his cohorts may bear responsibility for the tragic suicide of Kelly, portrayed by Mutiara Sofya, his closest friend. Kelly's decision to take her own life was precipitated by the widespread circulation of an explicit video featuring her. Davin firmly believes that Adam played a pivotal role in the video's dissemination, further fueling the ensuing turmoil. Kelly's spectral presence returns to haunt her tormentors, employing video chat as a medium to demand retribution for the emotional anguish she suffered in her final days.

The "Teman Tidur" narrative possesses significant potential for a compelling cinematic experience. The film's initial segments prioritize character-driven drama, spotlighting the far-reaching consequences of bullying. Givina Lukita Dewi's exceptional performance resonates with viewers, eliciting genuine empathy and hope for Amanda's success in her mission to eradicate bullying. The audience yearns for Amanda to overcome the evil gang perpetrating these cruel acts.

However, as is often the case with many Indonesian horror films, the latter half of "Teman Tidur" succumbs to the trappings of the genre, veering into excessive supernatural elements, accompanied by overbearing soundtracks and poorly executed jump scares. These elements are compounded by the lackluster portrayal of Kelly's vengeful spirit, which fails to evoke the genuine sense of horror demanded by the film's premise.

Worth Watching?

While the film's initial segments effectively blend horror elements with a compelling message about the profound impact of bullying, this thematic exploration remains somewhat underdeveloped compared to other works centered around the issue of bullying, such as "Bully" (2001), "Mean Girls" (2004), or the TV series "13 Reasons Why" (2017). Unfortunately, "Teman Tidur" is categorized among the many mediocre horror films released recently despite its potential to deliver a poignant message about the devastating consequences of bullying in the real world.

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