Street Trash Review (1987)

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Street Trash Review (1987)

Horrorific content by adrian on July 08th, 2018 | Movie Review | Comedy, Campy, Gore, Urban Decay, Splatter

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It’s about a couple of brothers who try to stop a case of bad liquor and a deranged Vietnam vet from killing off the members of their homeless community.

Street Trash was directed by James M. Muro  and stars Mike Lackey, Bill Chepil and Vic Noto.

Things in New York are about to go down the toilet...

Street Trash Review

Street Trash is a movie for those who get a kick out of campy B-Horror with bad practical effects and outlandish gore.

How outlandish?

Well, in one scene you see a homeless guy drinking some toxic booze which results in primary colored slime oozing out of every orifice. He slowly disolves into the toilet he's sitting on until his steaming lump of flesh looks like a bad elementary school science project exploded all over the place.

There's another a scene where a fat guy inflates uncontrollably until he pops, sending chucks of blubber flying through the air. There's also a scene where a poor bastard gets his willy chopped off, after which a bunch of homeless guys play a twisted game of hot potato with it. And there's more than one scene that gives you a nice front row seat to some disturbingly dirty homeless sex.

Street Trash isn't really a horror movie as much as it is a campy exploitation comedy. It exists soley for shocks and laughs.

The title might lead you to think its purpose is to shine a light on how trashy the homeless are, but it actually succeeds in showing how trashy everyone is. Nearly every character in this movie are trash. There's maybe 2-3 decent people in the entire thing.

Worth Watching?

I personally love Street Trash. The characters are colorful, the gore is crazy over the top and the dialog is comedy. I've already seen it 3 times and it just keeps getting better. It's a fun watch with high entertainment value, as long as you don't take it too seriously.

If you liked Hobo with a Shotgun, Society or Basket Case you'll probably like Street Trash.


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