Soft & Quiet (2022) Review

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Soft & Quiet (2022) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 08th, 2022 | Movie Review | Blumhouse, Drama, Psychological, Madness, Thriller, Mystery, Thrill Kill

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It's about a group of white supremacist women who become increasingly violent and delusional until their hatred escalates out of control.

Soft & Quiet was directed by Beth de Araujo and stars Stefanie Estes (Bethany, The Chosen, and Slit Mouth Woman in LA), Olivia Luccardi (Feral, It Follows), Eleanore PientaDana MillicanMelissa PauloJon BeaversCissy LyRebekah Wiggins, and Shannon Mahoney.

Soft & Quiet (2022) Review

The opening scene of Soft & Quiet shows Emily crying over another negative pregnancy test in a restroom stall. Our initial reaction might be sympathy for this person in emotional distress. However, as the scene continues and we see Emily talking to one of her students after school, our compassion for her gradually fades. Emily uses her cunning to indoctrinate a young boy, teaching him to be afraid of those who are different from him. She then sets off on foot to an unknown destination, carrying a home-baked pie and wearing a curious expression.

After a long journey through nearby woods, Emily and some other women arrive at a small church. At the meeting, it becomes clear that the incident at the school was not an isolated event. Everyone shares their complaints and ideas, and it is clear that this is a widespread problem. After we see a shot of the apple pie with a swastika in the center and Emily and another woman there sharing a Nazi salute, it becomes clear that this is a movie about white nationalism. They are all part of The Daughters for Aryan Unity, a group of white supremacists who have gathered together to push their agenda. The group is made up of people who believe that the white race is superior to all others and use Nazi symbols and salutes to express their beliefs.

Many movies in the past have gently or sparingly addressed racism, whereas Soft & Quiet is very direct and doesn't hold back. Racism is blatantly stated instead of being left open to interpretation. One of the most overlooked forms of white nationalism is the way it is portrayed in the media. The characters in the movie who identify as white nationalists are often shown as coming from all different backgrounds, and they are not always shown as being openly hateful or violent. This can make it seem like white nationalism is not a severe problem when it is a growing movement that is becoming more visible. Cruel people such as Emily put on a smile. They might be your neighbor, colleagues, teachers, friends, and family. This movie sets out to expose this pervasive social illness that is deeply rooted in America.

Soft & Quiet is a unique and stress-inducing test of endurance, where each new scene is tenser than the last. The movie's inciting incident is just the beginning of the challenges facing the characters. Emily and her allies Marjorie, a disgruntled employee, and Leslie, an ex-convict, escalate a situation at Kim's liquor store. Kim denies two customers' service because of their race. This begins the movie's horror with the heated encounter between the women.

Soft & Quiet's execution is robust, and its message is clear. The format is a crucial reason why the film is so moving. Araújo's film makes viewers feel like they are experiencing the story's events alongside the main characters. The real-time technique amplifies the sense of unease, and the use of one continuous take helps to immerse viewers in the characters' distorted, paranoid world. The audience is captivated by the rising tension as Emily, and her cohorts act on their hate. There is no escaping the growing dread as things spiral out of control.

There are some opposing views to the women's delusional belief that they are being persecuted, but they are either shorter or less severe. The pastor who overheard the meeting doesn't want anything similar to that happening in his church, but he only fuels the women's delusions by doing so. Soft & Quiet primarily focuses on Emily and the others because their resistance-free mindset allows hatred to flourish unchecked. Little interruption is given, emphasizing how their particular philosophy grows when left unchecked or unchallenged. A growing segment of the U.S. population is absolutely terrifying - an open secret that people choose to ignore. These characters are a frightening reminder of how active and expanding this group is.

Worth Watching? 

The incredible technical skills, themes delivered with conviction, and outstanding performances in this work are impressive. However, it's possible that not enough people will watch it. Araújo's film "Soft & Quiet" is a dark and experimental piece that does not try to make its villains sympathetic. Instead, it asks a lot from its viewers. This film is a shocking portrayal of white supremacy and racism. It is a powerful reminder of the need to be constantly vigilant against complacency. There is no relief to be found in this nightmare, but hopefully, it will spur much-needed conversations about racism and intolerance.

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