Slender Man (2018) Review

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Slender Man (2018) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 11th, 2018 | Movie Review, Worth Watching? | Video Games, Survival, Supernatural, Wilderness, Teen, Internet

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It’s about a group of teens who use social media to summon Slenderman and then run around screaming in the woods.

Slender Man was directed by Sylvain White (who also directed I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer) and stars Joey King (from The Conjuring), Javier Botet (from Hostile),  Julia Goldani Telles  and Annalise Basso (from Oculus and Ouija: Origin of Evil).

Dare You Summon Him?

Slender Man Review

Slender Man is basically a mashup of tired horror tropes, heavily influenced by (aka rip-off ofThe Ring, produced to appeal specifically to teens looking to watch a “scary” movie. Anyone who goes into this with any expectations will likely be disappointed. It would have been a great movie to put on during a slumber party two years before its release when Slender Man was still a thing.

This movie was clouded with controversy  from the start and almost didn't make it to theaters at all. And, like the Angry Birds movie, was also released by Sony a couple of years after everyone had already moved on.

The movie itself is weak. It basically pulls all the most common cheap scare tactics and 'creepy' CGI tricks from popular movies of the 90's through early 2000's ( The Ring, The Grudge, Urban Legend), just not in the way those movies did which really worked at the time. Slender Man just kind of jumbles them all together with no real purpose other than to grab attention from people who are too young to care about The Ring . My point, if you missed it, is if you're thinking of watching Slender Man you should just watch The Ring .

Worth Watching?

If you're a teen who doesn't really like horror movies but want to have fun with your friends, and you're really into yesterday's trends, and there's nothing else on Netflix to watch, and you don't want to fork $3.99 to watch The Ring on Amazon, and you're not aware of all the good teen horror movies floating around, and you think movies like The Bye Bye Man and Truth or Dare were way too scary, then sure.

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