Slash/Back (2022) Review

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Slash/Back (2022) Review

Horrorific content by christina on October 20th, 2022 | Movie Review | Canadian, Alien, Survival, Female Revenge, Sci-Fi, Campy, Thriller, Teen, Isolation, Dangerous Exploration

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It's about a group of young women from Pang, a tiny arctic hamlet, who must defend their home from an alien invasion using their traditional hunting techniques and knowledge of horror movies.

Slash/Back was directed by Nyla Innuksuk and stars Tasiana ShirleyAlexis WolfeNalajoss EllsworthChelsea PruskyFrankie Vincent-WolfeShaun Benson (Trench 11), Kristian BruunMelissa HoodAmelie Albert-LeBlanc, and Natar Ungalaaq.

Slash/Back (2022) Review

SXSW has always been an excellent platform for filmmakers worldwide to showcase their work. This year, the festival hosted the world premiere of Slash/Back, a film set in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, in the Arctic Circle.

A group of young girls in the town of Pang discover that a mysterious entity is taking over the town's inhabitants. They must work together to save their city and find the strange phenomenon behind it. With the adults busy with the Solstice dance, it's up to Maika and her friends to take action.

This coming-of-age story is full of culture, bravery, and friendship. It's a fascinating tale with engaging characters that will keep you hooked until the end.

The film focuses on the children of Pang, who must rely on each other for support. The adults are mainly in the background as the kids navigate their way through the challenges they face. The protagonist, Maika, is tired of living in a small town and wants to distance herself from Inuit culture. She dismisses her friend's interest in Inuit traditions, calling them "silly."

In a fit of rebellion, she commandeers her father's boat and sets sail across the island with her friends in tow. Their escape is almost successful until they are attacked by a polar bear who seems to be possessed by something else. A mysterious evil comes to their town after a chain of events is set off by their discovery.

The four girls have all experienced difficulties growing up as a girl.

The relationships between the characters in the film are not perfect, but they still demonstrate strength in their own unique ways. This shows that there are different ways to establish one's distinctive voice, even without adults to help them and back them up.

The characters in the film have a strong connection that helps them to bring the characters to life in a way that audiences will find relatable.

The group of young girls in Slash/Back use their inherited hunting skills to defend their home from intruders. This allows them to take control of their situation and care for themselves.

The action scenes in the movie are like scenes from an adventure movie from the 1980s. They are exciting and full of suspense but also have a sense of fun.

The possessed bodies may be the most unsettling element of Slash/Back.

This movie is enjoyable despite its modest budget. The effects sometimes betray the budget, but this never removes the overall enjoyment. If anything, it underscores the ambition and love that went into making the movie.

The latest film to delve into Indigenous culture through the lens of genre storytelling is Slash/Back. Almost the entire cast is Inuit, and the story is steeped in their traditions and culture. This gives further authenticity to the already beautiful setting.

Worth Watching? 

This movie is an excellent twist on the typical kids versus monsters story. It's refreshing to see a different take on this famous plot. This is a highly entertaining watch that is not too frivolous.

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