Silent Night (2012) Review

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Silent Night (2012) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 18th, 2019 | Movie Review | Christmas, Holiday, Christmas - Slasher, Silent Night Deadly Night Series

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It's about a couple of small town cops trying to get out in front of an ultra homicidal Saint Nick on Christmas Eve.

Silent Night was directed by Steven C. Miller and stars Jaime King from My Bloody Valentine, They Wait), Malcolm Mcdowell (from Corbin Nash . 31) and Brendan Fehr (from Forsaken).

It 'aint all candy canes and pretty lights. Christmas can f*$ck you up!

Silent Night Review

Silent Night is a re-imagining of the cult classic Silent Night, Deadly Night from 1984. It's an entirely new story, but there's many familiar scenes and even nods to other cult classic Christmas horror movies including Black Christmas from 1974.

This movie has a solid place in my Christmas horror TOP 5 and one I've already watched several times. It's just so good for so many reasons. One aspect that I found unique is the fact that this movie takes place in the most idyllic little town you can imagine. Main street is decked out with decorations, Santa's are everywhere thanks to an annual town Santa parade and everyone in town are just walking around bursting with Christmas spirit. Yeah I know, welcome to every Christmas movie. But this one's different. Behind so many doors in this quaint town are degenerates, hustlers and hookers. The seedy underbelly of this seemingly happy town is alive and well. So, as the cops investigate the killings you're taken from sweet to sour, constantly.

But what really makes this movie a gem are the characters, the quotes and the gore.

The Characters

Everyone in Silent Night are all charismatic and fun. Sheriff Cooper takes the crown. He's played by Malcolm McDowell who just spews cheesy macho lines throughout. Next up is Santa Jim who is a traveling Santa. He's ironically super cynical about the holidays and spends most of his time planting toxic mind bombs into the ears of all the kids who sit on his lap. Third place has to go to Reverend Madeley, a perverted priest who steals from parishioners, takes inappropriate photos of singing carolers and hits on grieving widows.

The Quotes

There's just so much quotable dialog in Silent Night, a full list would be scrolling. But the top three have to be:

"Don't put avocado on the burger"

"Karsson. Double S, double Screwed"

"It 'aint all candy canes and pretty lights. Christmas can f*$ck you up!"

The Gore

The original Silent Night, Deadly Night had its share of gore, especially for being a Christmas movie. Most notable was the mom getting her neck slit by Santa, the kid getting his head chopped off while sledding and the infamous scene where the topless woman gets skewered onto the antlers of a mounted deer head. Silent Night took the same shocking concepts and took it to an entirely new level. The topless antler skewering scene was kept, which was actually one of the tamer scenes in this movie. There's so many epic kills. My favorite would have to be the topless woman running around a Christmas tree lot during broad daylight before being shoved, feet first, into a tree chipper. Christmas really f*$cked her up!

Worth Watching?

Hell yes. There's few weak aspects in Silent Night but they're far outweighed by everything that makes this movie worth buying and watching every year.

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