Shuttle (2008) Review

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Shuttle (2008) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on June 13th, 2019 | Movie Review | Drama, Tourist, Psychological, Thriller, Confined

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It's about a couple of girls who ride the wrong shuttle home from the airport.

Shuttle was directed by Edward Anderson and stars Tony Curran (from Calibre, Underworld: Evolution), Peyton List (from Bereavement) and Cameron Goodman.

Never ride with a stranger.

Shuttle Review

Shuttle is supposed to be a horror movie about human smuggling. Shuttle is actually a frustrating action movie that offers no rhyme or reason until the last 15 minutes.

Most of the movie is just watching some kidnappers driving around town making more mistakes than they could ever actually get away with, and watching the kidnapees making so many dumb decisions that you actually end of feeling like they're getting what they deserve. So, if the kidnappers are unlikable and the kidnappees are unlikable, who do you root for? What's the point?

Maybe it's one of those movies where the concept is what's scary. Of all the reviews I read the vast majority who loved it were freaked out by the concept and somehow thought the movie should be rated highly because of the exposure it gives to issue of human smuggling. And the rest loved the ending (the ending was messed up for sure). If you've seen Megan Is Missing you know what I mean, its' an hour fifteen of meh and fifteen of freaky shit.

Worth Watching?

No way. Shuttle is a frustrating watch. Imagine being pushed into some guys car and taken away, but he never locks the door, is constantly distracted and makes a dozen stops along the way... but you never get out and run. That's Shuttle.


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