Scream 2 (1997) Review

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Scream 2 (1997) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on March 16th, 2019 | Movie Review | Slasher, Scream series, Teen, Meta

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It's about another guy in a mask who runs around slashing teens.

Scream 2 was directed by  Wes Craven  (who also directed  My Soul to TakeNew NightmareVampire in BrooklynCursed  and  Red Eye) and stars  David Arquette  (from  Bone TomahawkOrionThe TripperRavenous),  Neve Campbell  (from  The DarkThe Craft) and  Courteney Cox  (from  Scream 2Scream 3Scream 4). 

Someone has taken their love of sequels one step too far.

Scream 2 Review

Scream 2 is pretty much the same movie as Scream 1, it's about a Ghostface copycat following in the footsteps of the killers from part 1. This sequel even starts off with a theater showing the original Scream, which is supposed to be based off the real-life events of Scream, only this one is called Stab. And when the killers in this one are revealed, the similarities with the killers from the first is uncanny.

Like Scream, this sequel is very meta. One of the first scenes shows a class of film students discussing whether or not sequels suck. There's a lot of humor and a lot of movie references, as expected. This one referenced horrors including Alien, House, Nosferatu, Candyman, Friday the 13th, Final Exam and Splatter University . And for some reason, whenever Deputy Dwight Dewey is on camera a song very similar to Twin Peaks starts playing.

One thing that immediately jumps out about this one is the all-star cast, which is uncommon in horror. This Scream had more stars walking around than the first by far.

Overall a good movie, but it does turn into more of an action flick toward the end, complete with a typically dramatic Hollywood orchestra. Close your eyes and you could just as easily be watching Indiana Jones.

But, like Scream 1 there's a lot of jump scares and plot twists which kept things interesting.

Worth Watching?

Unless you're planning to watch all 4 movies from this franchise, then not really. Scream 2 is basically Scream 1, so if you haven't seen either you're better off taking in the original.

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