Saw: The Final Chapter (2010) Review

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Saw: The Final Chapter (2010) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 25th, 2020 | Movie Review | Survival, Police, Gore, Torture, Survival Game, Saw Series

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It's about a guy who lies about being a Jigsaw victim only to find himself an actual Jigsaw victim.

Saw 7 was directed by Kevin Greutert (who also directed JackalsVisions and Jessabelle) and stars Tobin Bell (from Jigsaw,Finders Keepers and Dark House), Costas Mandylor (from The Horde,The Blackout and 2 Bedroom 1 Bath) and Betsy Russell (from Saw: The Final Chapter, Chain Letter and Mandrake).

The Traps Come Alive

Saw The Final Chapter Review

Saw 7 aka Saw: The Final Chapter aka Saw 3D, opens up with a flashback to the original Saw when Dr. Gordon was trying to escape after cutting off his foot. The flashback lasts all of maybe 15 seconds and then we're taken to a very public city center where two guys and a girl are stuck in a Jigsaw trap, an unusually public display. Each guy is at one end of a table saw and the girl is suspended above another. Apparently she was dating both of them, a moral atrocity that Jigsaw, or rather his latest accomplice, thought warranted a public execution (medieval much?). And if that weren't weak enough, the gore was total B-movie trash. Gore is the only reason for watching a Saw movie, and they seriously dropped the ball this time around. 

The 3D thing was also cheesy as all hell. Like all other gimmicky 3D horrors of the time, there's a lot of random crap that gets thrown at the screen. For example, in one scene a dream sequence is used just to let movie goers test out their disposable 3D glasses. So, this random busty chick stuck in a trap gets cut in half, fake blood and what looks like pasta splatters toward the camera. Busty chick wakes up. End scene. 

This movie is about a guy who gained fame and fortune for claiming to be a trap survivor, only he wasn't. Jigsaw's crew caught wind of it and decided to test him for real. As the faker stumbles through the same warehouse of traps as all previous Saw victims did, investigators investigate as all previous Saw investigators did.

Here's the victim breakdown of Saw 7: There's a girl who gets cut in half, a guy who gets quartered, a guy who gets thrown through a car windshield, a guy who gets crushed, a woman who gets quad stabbed, a woman who gets her eyeballs gouged out, a guy who gets hanged, three guys who get shot, a guy who gets stabbed, a couple more guys who get stabbed, a woman who gets her neck snapped, another guy who gets stabbed, another guy who gets shot, another guy who gets stabbed, a guy who gets meat hooked, a woman who gets cooked, a woman who gets face blasted and a guy who gets locked up for life.

Worth Watching?

Hell no. Saw 7 is B-movie trash from start to finish. The 3D thing is gimmicky, the story has been endlessly recycled and the effects are so bad they're stupid. This movie was literally painful to watch. Being forced to watch Saw 7 would actually be a good Jigsaw trap.

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