Saw 3 (2006) Review

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Saw 3 (2006) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 21st, 2020 | Movie Review | Survival, Police, Gore, Torture, Survival Game, Saw Series

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It's about Jigsaw's new sidekick and her role in all of his torturous tests.

Saw 3 was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (who also directed Abattoir,Tales Of Halloween and 11-11-11) and stars Tobin Bell (from Jigsaw, Finders Keepers and Dark House), Shawnee Smith (from The Blob and Carnival Of Souls) and Angus Macfadyen (from Alive).

Suffering? You Haven't Seen Anything Yet...

Saw III Review

Saw 3 opens up where Saw 2 left off, with Detective Matthews locked up in the same room that Adam and Dr. Gordon were locked up in. Matthews was locked in by Amanda, a victim from both Saw and Saw 2, now working as some kind of twisted intern for John Kramer aka The Jigsaw Killer.

As the cops look for Matthews they catch a new case, another "Jigsaw" victim. This time around it's a guy who wakes up in a room with hooks and chains dug into his shoulders, arms, sides, ankles and mouth. He has to rip them out of his flesh if he wants to escape. But he's really only the catalyst to get the show started. 

The real story of Saw 3 is about a guy whose son was killed by a drunk driver. His grief naturally turns into anger and Jigsaw apparently thinks his anger is a sin worthy of torture. So he sends the guy through a series of excruciating tests that all lead to the guy who killed his son. If he wants his revenge he'll have to earn it.

Here's the victim breakdown of Saw 3: There's the hook and chains guy, a woman who gets cracked open like a coconut, another woman who gets frozen alive, a dude who get twisted to death, a guy who gets shot, a woman who gets shot and a guy who gets buzz-sawed.

The Saw franchise is known for its torture porn, but it's not until Saw 3 that this actually kicks in. The first Saw was more of a cop thriller like Se7en, part 2 got a little bloody but was still mostly a cop movie. But blood paints the walls in Saw 3. This one has torture, gore and pain. And a lot of it.

Worth Watching?

Saw 3 is another must see. It's a seamless continuation of part 2 that is also woven into the story of part 1. It shows how Jigsaw pulled off both epic twists. You just don't get the full story of Saw unless you watch 2 and 3.

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