Saw 2 (2005) Review

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Saw 2 (2005) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 18th, 2020 | Movie Review | Survival, Police, Torture, Survival Game, Saw Series

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It's about a detective who catches Jigsaw, yet still manages to become the newest victim in his twisted game.

Saw 2 was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (who also directed Spiral, Death Of Me and St. Agatha) and stars Tobin Bell (from Belzebuth, The Sandman and 12 Feet Deep), Shawnee Smith (from Saw VI, The Grudge 3 and I Saw What You Did) and Donnie Wahlberg (from Dead SilenceDreamcatcher and The Sixth Sense).

Oh Yes... There Will Be Blood.

Saw II Review

Saw 2 opens up with a guy wearing a "death mask" that's basically a portable Iron Maiden. The only way to unlock it and get out is to dig out the key that was surgically implanted behind his right eyeball. This was a big ask and the guy ended up hesitating for a bit too long and wound up with a couple dozen spikes through his head. Cops show up and one in particular, Detective Matthews, is called out directly by Jigsaw. He taunts Matthews to catch him, which he does the very next day. But trust me, this is no spoiler. Catching Jigsaw didn't take power or control away from him, it's just another game.

The movie follows a group of people, including Matthews' son, all trapped in the same room with a number of clues to help them escape. But they only have a couple of hours before they're all gassed. 

Here's the victim breakdown of Saw 2: There's the Iron Maiden death mask guy, a guy who gets shot in the eye, a guy who gets cooked, a guy who gets his head hacked, a girl who gets gassed, a girl who gets bled, a guy who gets slashed and a guy who gets left for dead.

There's one scene in particular that's fucking brutal to watch, at least for me. Our group of unlucky bastards are locked in a death trap and the only way out is finding a key at the bottom of a pit of syringes. I've had a legit phobia of needles since I was a kid, so if I were in this little predicament I'd choose to live out the rest of my days, or rather minutes, in the death trap, no doubt 100%.

Saw 2 is one of the better horror sequels out there. It's not only a seamless continuation of the first but is actually woven together with it, similarly to Halloween 2. I put Saw 2 up there with Psycho 2, Child's Play 2, Candyman 2 and Tremors 2. Like all of these, Saw just isn't complete without Saw 2.

Worth Watching?

Definitely, I always watch Saw and Saw 2 back to back.

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