Salvage (2006) Review

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Salvage (2006) Review

Horrorific content by dusan on August 26th, 2019 | Movie Review | Hell, Serial Killer

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It’s about a young girl Claire Parker. At the hands of a sadistic and depraved killer, she will endure a terrifying, unimaginable brutal death–and it will all happen again. After being beaten, dragged, sliced, and stabbed, Claire awakens at work–where it all began–untouched and unharmed. But the hellish ordeal is far from over. The madman is back and he’s ready for more blood…

Salvage was directed by the Crook brothers, Joshua and Jeffrey . It stars Lauren Currie Lewis, Chris Ferry (from Rise of the Dead) and Jeffrey Crook .

Her death keeps crawling back to haunt her

The idea of a day repeating itself until our protagonist figures out a way out of the troublesome situation is not new. Most notable was Groundhog Day (1993), but as far as horror movies go, I would say Happy Death Day (2017) is the most recent hit from this franchise. While I was watching Salvage it really intrigued me to figure out the mystery. Why was this maniac after the girl? We get lots of clues, but they are carefully concealed until the ending so you might end up shocked. The acting is good, especially from Chris Ferry playing the deranged serial killer Duke. While he is driving Claire to her house he says one the best lines from the movie which really shines above all others: "You want me to tell you? Cause all of this is bullsh**. You, me, everything, it's all made up. The only thing that's real is what you feel. The ONLY thing that's real in this whole world is what YOU feel ...... when I cut your head off."

Priceless :) but explaining what that meant would venture into spoiler territory, so I'll just continue with a quick summary of the review. The pace is ok and the actual scenes with the killing/torture are quite disturbing! The main thing we figure out is that there is no escape from this hell. Everything is set on repeat and the girl can only try her best to gather as much information so she can have some chance of escape. Minor plot holes are noticeable but don’t really harm the premise of the movie. It is not a high budget film and it’s the story that counts so if you love twist endings this one should satisfy you. For more similar films you can check out this list !

Worth Watching?

All in all, a nice little horror mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. Some of my friends even continued guessing as the final scene was up. The more experienced horror lovers who watched hundreds of scary films and mysteries might figure things out early on. Still, if you have not seen the film and this spoiler free review got you interested, feel free to give it a try!

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