Saint (2010) Review

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Saint (2010) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 16th, 2018 | Movie Review | Christmas, Holiday, Christmas - Slasher

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It's about an ancient evil Santa Claus who, along with his army of black demons, terrorizes a group of Dutch teens.

Saint was directed by Dick Maas (who also directed Down and The Lift) and stars Huub Stapel (from Amsterdamned), Egbert Jan Weeber and Caro Lenssen.

December 5 will never be the same...

Saint Review

In Holland, Santa is called Sinterklaas. He's a guy who used to be a bishop in Turkey but moved to Spain and travels to Amsterdam every year on December 5th (on the eve of his death), along with an entourage of half-man-half-beast slaves (now called "helpers") all named Black Pete, to judge kids. If they're good they get some candy. If they're bad they get kicked by Santa and then beaten by his crew. If they're really bad they get kidnapped and taken back to Spain and forced into slavery. Of course, nowadays the story's been altered, now the kids are just ground up and used to make Christmas cookies. So they're off the hook for the whole child slavery thing, now it's just murder and cannibalism. Talk about a great premise for a horror movie!

Too bad the actual movie wasn't as great.

Saint can really only be described as generic. The fate of the wholly unlikable cast is predictable and the path is littered with cheap jump scares, tired tropes and really bad CGI. The script was also comically bad, both in the subtitles and in the dubbing (Blu-ray option), although it's possible it was just a bad translation.

And then there's this:

Black Pete

It's not racist if it's Dutch!

Actually it is. People have been protesting Hollands black face festival for years. And the social pressure is starting to come around. Back in the days they changed the story from The Black Pete's being black to instead just having black faces, caused by the chimney soot they picked up delivering gifts (The Pete's literally do everything for Santa while he sits on his white horse). They even tried renaming Black Pete to "Chimney Pete" but it didn't catch on. And polls show that more of the Dutch now see Black Pete as racist and are willing to change his appearance than they did just 5 years ago.

Worth Watching?

Parts of the movie were good and there was some funny dialog, but overall Saint is a tough watch. It actually took me two attempts to make it all the way through. I wouldn't recommend sitting down for Saint when there's so many other great Christmas horror movies floating around.

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