Psychos in Love (1987) Review

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Psychos in Love (1987) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 01st, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Comedy, Cannibalism, Campy, B-Horror

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It's about a couple of psycho slashers who find each other, fall in love and slash as one. Oh, and they REALLY hate grapes.

Psychos in Love was directed by Gorman Bechard (who also directed Cemetery High) and stars Carmine Capobianco (from Disconnected), Ruth Collins (from Heaven Becomes Hell and Prime Evil) and LeeAnne Baker (from Breeders).


Psychos in Love Review

Psychos in Love is a horror comedy that's simply about a strip club owner who serial kills random women during his free time and a woman who serial kills random men during hers. They cross paths one night and it's love at first sight.

It's crazy how open and comfortable these two psychos are about their slashing. It's hilariously unique how they just casually and matter-of-factly go about their butchering.

It's a lot like Ice Cream Man mainly because it's also a crazy bloody B-horror about a charismatic killer who just kinda walks around and goes about his business without anyone raising an eyebrow. There's also too many creative kills to count. Ice Cream Man sports much higher production quality, but the micro budget style of Psychos in Love is what makes it special.

Basically, a psycho slasher named Joe meets another psycho slasher named Kate and they bond over their mutual hate for grapes (and their compulsions to kill). "I hate grapes! I can't stand grapes! I loathe grapes! All kinds of grapes! I hate purple grapes! I hate green grapes! I hate grapes with seeds! I hate grapes WITHOUT seeds! I hate them peeled and non-peeled! I hate grapes in bunches, one at a time, or in groups of twos and threes! I HATE GRAPES!" 

They start dating and slashing together, all is good. But after a while the slashing starts to lose its spark, since they feel fulfilled just by having each other. They try solo slashing again, but things will simply never be the same. They're in love!

The way this movie merges horror with romantic comedy is amazing. It's like watching a demented 80's sitcom. Every character in Psychos in Love is insane in their own way. There's even a cannibalistic plumber who's totally okay with our killer couple and they're surprisingly fine with his taste for human flesh. He threatens their relationship at a point, so they just make a deal with him to give him fresh bodies. Simple enough.

So, wrapping things up, watching Psychos in Love is a wild ride, a super low budget B-movie at its best. It's gory as hell, is endlessly quotable and even gives a nod to other movies like Psycho (there's actually two Psycho shower scenes). And the soundtrack is a blast. Most of the time it's cheesy synth but really works somehow.

Worth Watching?

I mean, it's definitely not for everyone, but if you like movies like Ice Cream Man, Camp Death III in 2D or Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre you'll probably dig Psychos in Love. 

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