Psycho 3 (1986) Review

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Psycho 3 (1986) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on May 04th, 2019 | Movie Review | Slasher, Drama, Psychological, Madness, Split Personality, Psycho Series

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It’s about a new group of people that come around the Bates Motel looking for a cheap place to stay, only to find themselves being chased around by a dude in a dress.

Psycho 3 was directed by Anthony Perkins and stars Anthony Perkins (from Psycho, Psycho III, Psycho IV: The Beginning), Diana Scarwid (from What Lies Beneath, The Ladies Club, Strange Invaders) and Jeff Fahey (from The Last Light, Planet Terror, Corpses).

Norman Bates is back to normal. But Mother's off her rocker again!

Psycho 3 Review

Psycho 3 is a redundant movie. There’s really no need for it. It’s basically the same movie as the original Psycho, just re-imagined a little bit. The lead character, Maureen, even looks just like Marion from the original. Norman already went to the loony bin and had the mummified corpse of his mom taken away, but due to how Psycho 2 ended, he has another mummified corpse of his mom hanging around in this one as well. I won’t spoil anything, but it even ends pretty much the same exact way.

Psycho 3 doesn’t really add much to the story, it’s just more of the same for people who want to see more of Norman being Norman.

Worth Watching?

Not really, unless you're a big fan of the franchise. I like nearly all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies even though many are objectively terrible. So I get it. But if you're not a huge fan and if you’ve seen the original Psycho you’ve already seen a much better version of Psycho 3.


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