Phantom of The Opera (1943) Review

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Phantom of The Opera (1943) Review

Movie review by Yo Adrian on November 13th, 2019 | Movie Review | Classic, Love Sick, Drama

Phantom of The Opera was directed by Arthur Lubin (who also directed Black Friday and The Spider Woman Strikes Back) and stars Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster (from The Climax) and Claude Rains (from The Wolf Man). It's about a love sick composer who terrorizes an opera house after becoming disfigured.

The screen's classic of terror!

Phantom of the Opera Review

This is the second version of this classic horror, the first being the 1925 silent film. This one looks outstanding in Technicolor but is a lot less of a horror than I was expecting. It was also way more of a musical than I could stomach. Seriously, half the runtime is literally watching an opera.

I also felt many of the scenes dragged on for way too long. For example, the scene where Anatole, our resident phantom, cuts the chandelier loose goes on forever, so long that all suspense just kinda dwindles away and you're stuck watching him saw, and saw, and saw.

Decent movie, but it left me feeling like maybe I didn't watch the best version out there.

Worth Watching?

I'm all for classic horror. Nosferatu, Haxan, Frankenstein, Old Dark House or anything with Vincent Price. But this one was more classic than horror. Phantom was great for what it was, but what it wasn't was horror.

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