Pet Graveyard (2019) Review

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Pet Graveyard (2019) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on March 12th, 2019 | Movie Review | Indie Horror, Back from the Dead, Thriller

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It's about a group of friends who participate in a suicide ritual for a chance to say goodbye to loved ones.

Pet Graveyard was directed by Rebecca Matthews and stars Rita Siddiqui, Andrew Hollingworth and Claire-Maria Fox (from Mother Krampus).

The space between life and death... can kill

Pet Sematary Review

Pet Graveyard is a British horror movie that doesn't really involve a graveyard, or pets. There is a cat that walks around sometimes, but only to signify that death is near. It's a Sphynx who, according to this movie, is supposed to be the Grim Reaper's companion. I checked. This isn't a thing. The only thing you find when looking up anything Sphynx is a load of cute pics of Sphynxs' in sweaters.

Of course the Sphynx in the movie had glowing red eyes so probably not cute, even in a sweater.

The movie is good in concept but basic in execution, it feels like a long episode of a TV show. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it just leans a bit too far on the PG-13 thriller side for my personal taste.

Overall, Pet Graveyard is like a mashup of Insidious (once dead, the protagonists basically walk around The Further) and Flatliners. Oddly, it has no similarities with Pet Sematary.

Worth Watching?

If you're new to horror, or just looking for a casual thriller, then yes. If you're looking for something about pets and graveyards, I'd go with Pet Sematary instead. If you're looking for the same concept but with more shock and awe, Flatliners or The Lazarus Effect would both make for good alternatives.


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