Night Teeth (2021) Review

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Night Teeth (2021) Review

Horrorific content by Bleaz79 on November 28th, 2021 | Movie Review | Vampire, Survival, College, Party

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It’s about Benny, a young college student who, when helping his older brother by driving an executive private hire car, picks up Blaire and Zoe; two beautiful women whose plans of partyhopping around L.A. are a cover for something altogether more bloodthirsty and deadly.

Night Teeth was directed by Adam Randall (known for I See You), Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry and Megan Fox (from Jennifer’s Body).

They will paint the town red with blood

Night Teeth Review

A vampire horror thriller which combines the vampiric elements of the Underworld series with the wrong guy in the wrong place driver theme of Collateral.

Benny is a likeable but isolated college kid who helps out his brother one night by driving one his brother’s executive limousines. Little does he know that his brother is a protector of humans against vampires that are all over the city and that the women he is picking up are part of a vampire plan to overthrow the current status quo and end the uneasy peace between humans and vampires.

After succinctly setting up the world the characters inhabit, Night Teeth throws us straight into the life of Benny, mocked and isolated at college, his main focus is study and family, but this life is turned upside down and changed forever by this one night. Jorge Lendeborg Jr is a likeable and engaging lead as Benny, all nervous energy but when he realises he is out of his depth this is replaced by a determination to survive the night and save his family.

The supporting cast is great too, Debby Ryan’s Blaire is the more kindly of the two women picked up, but she still has an underlying sense of real threat about her, while Lucy Fry as Zoe is the more dangerous, cold and calculating killer. Raul Castillo brings a steely determination to Benny’s brother Jay, whose organised peace has been decisively broken by Alfie Allen’s Victor, who plays his role as the erstwhile vampiric leader with scenery chewing relish. Megan Fox is Megan Fox, so no real stretch for her.

Following Benny on his journey we discover how infiltrated L.A. is by vampires, moving swiftly from one set piece to the next, pausing only for character development or the occasionally frustrating piece of exposition. Michael Mann’s Collateral was clearly a big influence on Night Teeth, with the structure of the story following similar beats.

There are points when the film lags, it’s arguably too long for the simple concept, Alfie Allen’s character is a by the numbers vampire villain and it could have done with more kills, really playing up the breaking of the vampire/human truce. Plus, there’s a none too subtle message about the class and socio-economic system in there that really seems out of place and doesn’t work.

The ending of the film helps make up for this, presenting an expected yet cleverly delivered finale, which leaves you wanting to see more of the world we have just spent an hour and 45 minutes in.

Worth Watching?

Yes, it’s a fun vampire thriller which doesn’t take itself too seriously and entertains all the way through. While it doesn’t bring anything new to the table what it does bring is an enjoyable ride that leaves things open for another.

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