Night Game Movie Review (1989)

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Night Game Movie Review (1989)

Horrorific content by adrian on May 13th, 2018 | Movie Review | Drama, Killer, Thriller, Serial Killer, Police

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It’s about a detective on the hunt for an elusive serial killer with a close connection to his beloved Houston Astros.

Night Game was directed by Peter Masterson and stars Roy Scheider (most know for his role in Jaws but who also starred in The Curse of the Living Corpse way back in 1964). Night Game also stars Karen Young (who was also part of Jaws, this time Jaws: The Revenge) and (from Dr. Giggles) Richard Bradford.

Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than hunting down a murderer is... finding him!

Night Game Review

The great thing about running a movie database like All Horror is that it naturally exposes you to a world of horror movies you may never have found otherwise. While building this site I came across Night Game and immediately knew I had to watch it. I didn't really care what it was about. I knew it combined my two favorite past times, horror and baseball, and so I ordered the Blu-Ray the same day. Ever since impulse-buying The Ice Cream Truck on Blu-Ray, and finding it to be a total dud, I told myself I'd never repeat that mistake. Thing is, I couldn't watch Night Game any other way, so I decided to roll the dice.

I ended up really liking this one and am happy to have it in my permanent collection. It's not really a horror, more of a police procedural / thriller. It gets slasher-y at times, but ultimately watching this is a lot like watching any cop show from the 80's. But, there is some blood and there's baseball so what's not to like?

The story, characters and acting were all excellent. The production value is high as well, for its time.

I would have loved to see more suspense, more dread, hell even a jump scare or two would have been great. Oh, and it could have used fewer saxophone solos. I know they were big in the 80's but it made the movie feel more like an action than even a thriller.

Overall I thought it was a fun watch. The baseball side of the movie was quality. They didn't use fake team or player names. All baseball scenes were in the old Astro Dome and all player details were accurate. It's a quality movie start to finish, just don't go into this one expecting a true horror.


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