Muse Review (2018)

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Muse Review (2018)

Horrorific content by adrian on September 07th, 2018 | Movie Review | Haunted, Supernatural, Love Sick, Urban Decay, Urban Legend

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It’s about a struggling artist who finds his artistic muse, a sexy supernatural seductress who provides him with creative inspiration as well as corpses to dispose of.

Muse was directed by John Burr and stars Riley Egan, Elle Evans and Kate Mansi.

True inspiration comes with a price

Muse Review

A "Muse", in Greek and Roman mythology, is a daughter of Zeus who presides over the arts and sciences. Nowadays, a Muse is believed to be a person or spirit who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

In this movie, the creative artist is a shy wallflower named Adam and his artistic muse is a sexy spirit who inexplicably takes a liking to him. Adam's sexy neighbor also (more explicably) falls for him, which her artist boyfriend (played by Lou Ferrigno, Jr, son of THE Incredible Hulk) and his Muse both have a huge problem with. An influential gallery owner also takes a liking for both Adam and his art, pushing Hulk Jr. aside, creating further resentment and tension.

Needless to say, this movie leans more toward drama than horror. In fact, over an hour passes before anything horror kicks in. And even when it does, it's woven throughout several slow motion sexy scenes. Of course, this is a movie about an artistic muse, so I wasn't surprised, just putting it out there for anyone considering Muse while looking for horror movie to settle in with.

So all that aside, Muse was a lot of fun to watch. It has an intriguing and unexpected start that really helps set the tone. It's also visually stunning. Everything was shot well and looked rich and detailed. Very high production value from the lighting to the sound design. Adam's artist studio is so detailed, rich and beautifully lit that you can nearly smell the charcoal and oil paints and feel the canvas as he brushes over it. And the picturesque setting overlooking the LA skyline, framed with urban decay, really contributes to the overall atmosphere of the film.

As for the cast, I was pulled in by all but one, Adam's criminal friend who tries way too hard to sell his tough guy act. Riley Egan on the other hand, who plays Adam, crushed his role. Very convincing and empathetic performance.

I think the only couple of things I didn't like about Muse was the lack of character development, you're forced to take most everything at face value, and the fact that the first scene, as haunting as it was, made no sense at all. There's throwaway characters, a sub plot that goes abandoned and no convincing explanation surrounding the muse's role in it all.

Worth Watching?

Ultimately I enjoyed Muse and would recommend it to anyone looking for a slow burn dramatic ghost story. There's one particular scene that really sold me, an epic kill by a topless muse that leaves both her and Adam splattered with blood, followed by passionate slow motion bloody sex. Don't see that every day!

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