Mom and Dad (2018) Review

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Mom and Dad (2018) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 27th, 2020 | Movie Review | Comedy, Survival, Madness, Suburb, Killer Parent

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It's about a mystery zombie-like disorder that causes parents to go ape shit on their kids.

Mom and Dad was directed by Brian Taylor and stars Nicolas Cage (from Prisoners Of The Ghostland and Mandy), Selma Blair (from In Their Skin and Hellboy II: The Golden Army) and Anne Winters (from Countdown).

Sometimes they just want to KILL you

Mom and Dad Review

Mom and Dad is a survival horror that's about a washed up family who struggles to get along. Then one day all the parents in town rage out on their kids and they REALLY don't get along. 

It reminded me of The Shining because it also involves parents trying to kill their kids. Of course Danny had it easy considering it was only his dad trying to kill him. In Mom and Dad these kids had to go up against both.

The movie starts off super creative and cheerful with a retro style opening and a quirky soundtrack. But things get moody fast once all the family members are introduced and we can see that literally everyone in this family is completely miserable. As the story unspools things start to get downright dark. So much so that a zombie disorder might not have even been necessary for our American dream suburban family to go at each other's throats. One cool detail about Mom and Dad is the parents only want to kill their own kids. They have no ill will toward any other kid but their own. Another cool detail is the kid killing thing isn't reserved for just kids. Old folks want to kill their adult children all the same.

Mom and Dad feels a lot like watching a zombie movie, only without all the makeup and mindlessness. All the parents in this movie know exactly what they're doing and maintain a surprising level of mental clarity throughout their efforts to murder their offspring.  And if you've come to this movie just to see Nic Cage freak out then you came to the right place. He freaks the F out like never before in this one. It's comedy GOLD. In one particular scene he freaks out on his daughters boyfriend and goes into a super awkward rant about sex toys. Classic Cage.

Overall, watching Mom and Dad was a blast, but I gotta tell you I didn't really find it to be the comedy it was marketed as. There's dark comedy elements for sure, but it was also really heavy. The parents were not coping with aging well, like at all. There was a lot more yelling and crying than I was expecting. I also wasn't a fan of the ending. Might have just been me but I was hoping for a bit more.

Worth Watching?

I do think so for sure. It's heavier than it leads on to be, but it has an awesome concept and a lot of mind blowing scenes. And it has a lot of Nic Cage blowing his own mind. Always fun to watch.

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