Midsummer (2003) Review

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Midsummer (2003) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on July 05th, 2019 | Movie Review | Indie Horror, Drama, Tourist, Cabin in the Woods, Thriller, Teen

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It's about a group of Danish friends who travel to Sweden to celebrate Midsummer (the summer solstice) only to learn of some serious skeletons hidden in their closets.

Midsummer was directed by Carsten Myllerup and stars Laura Christensen (from The Kingdom, The Kingdom II), Jon Lange (from Room 205) and Per Oscarsson (from The Night Visitor, The Sleep of Death).

Everyone has a past. Some have a future.

Midsummer Review

Midsummer from 2003 is originally titled Midsommar, which shouldn't be confused with the new Midsommar from 2019, the Hollywood hit by Ari Aster. This Midsummer is a movie by Danish director Carsten Myllerup. It's actually his first of only two movies, the other being a kids movie about time travel. All of his other work has been for TV.

Midsummer isn't bad at all for being Carsten's debut film. It hits all the suspense notes well and has a few good jumps sprinkled throughout.

That being said, Midsummer is not a unique idea. It's basically I Know What You Did Last Summer from 1997, if I Know What You Did Last Summer was more of a drama than a slasher. Even I Know What You Did Last Summer was based off a book from 1973. So, this story of reckless teens accidentally hitting someone and stashing the body only to find their consciences tormented and the truth behind the accident being forced into the open... not a new concept. I personally prefer the slasher angle of I Know What You Did Last Summer over Midsummer, but for what it is Midsummer is a good movie.

That being said, Midsummer isn't a great movie.

Like many Scandinavian horrors, Midsummer is way more drama than anything else, think Let The Right One In or The Substitute. There is suspense and some jump scares, but the vast majority of the run time is watching awkward teens having awkward conversations, fighting, crying and generally looking uncomfortable.

Midsummer is a good movie, it's just not a good horror movie.

Worth Watching?

I'd have to say no. It's a quality movie with fantastic actors and polished cinematography, but it's nothing that's going to stick with you. It's actually really sad as it's steeped with grief following a teen suicide. I'd take a hooked slasher chasing Sarah Michelle Gellar around any day.


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