Master (2022) Review

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Master (2022) Review

Horrorific content by christina on July 12th, 2022 | Movie Review | Slow Burn, Cursed, Psychological, Thriller, Haunted House - Cursed, Mystery, College, Haunted House, Black Horror

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It's about three black women in an elite Ivy League university in New England who must contend with a vengeful spirit haunting the school, in addition to facing the usual challenges of racial tension in a white institution.

Master was directed by Mariama Diallo and stars Regina Hall (Scary Movie 6, When the Bough Breaks, and Scary Movie 4), Zoe ReneeAmber GrayTalia RyderTalia Balsam (The Kindred, Crawlspace, and The Supernaturals), Ella Hunt (Anna and the Apocalypse), Noa FisherKara YoungBruce Altman (The Skeptic), and Jennifer Dundas.

Master (2022) Review

It can be challenging for people of color to feel like they belong in predominantly white environments, such as elite universities. Often, these institutions can feel unwelcoming and even hostile towards students of color. In addition, finding mentors and role models that look like you can be challenging, and you might constantly feel stereotyped and tokenized by your peers and professors.

However, in Amazon Prime's new release Master, the usual difficulties are amplified tenfold with a ghost haunting their school.

Master is a psychological horror thriller drama that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. Writer-Director Mariama Diallo's debut feature is a must-see for any fan of great horror cinema. This film, starring Regina Hall, Zoe Renee, and Amber Grey, is one hour and thirty-nine minutes long and worth watching.

The story focuses on three black women attending a predominantly white Ivy League university. We watch them as they try to find their place in this new environment and navigate the challenges that come with it. The university is haunted, which only adds to the difficulties they face. The university grounds on ancient Salem's Gallows Hill are said to be where Margaret Millet, a woman accused of witchcraft, was hanged. It is now said that her spirit returns and selects one first-year student to take to hell every year at 3:33 AM. Who will she pick next?

This film is racially charged and full of mystery and suspense. It uses classic horror techniques, such as the monster under the bed, maggots, and seeing things in the dark to build tension. The film is a fascinating story that takes its time to unfold.

The film deals with social and racial issues mixed with supernatural elements. There is racism that is shown throughout the film should make you think, cringe, and become more aware of those around you in your everyday life. In addition, this film is full of dark psychological undertones, such as the noose hanging from the door of a black student. This symbolizes both the persecution of witches and black people. It's unclear what the future holds for either group, but the film leaves a sense of dread hanging over both. The film is most successful when it deals with topics like campus politics and tensions, which are more rooted in reality than supernatural elements. However, I understand why some storytelling opts to use the latter as a way of amplifying the everyday fears that we experience.

The acting in this film is excellent, with strong chemistry between the characters. Regina Hall is captivating and mesmerizing, delivering an excellent performance. Hall is usually known for her comedic roles, but she demonstrates her impressive range in this movie. The cinematography is shadowy and menacing, which is appropriate for a horror film. There's no overblown music or cheap scares; the film maintains a steady pace that keeps you engaged.

Worth Watching? 

I wondered about the film's ending and if someone was going to die. I was also curious to see Millet again, which kept me watching. There is an excellent twist at the end, which provides excitement and drama. This film makes one consider how much social progress has been made and if it is all for naught. The movie is excellently written, acted, and directed. This film has some similarities to Jordan Peele's "Get Out," so if you're a fan of that movie, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

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