Kill Her Goats (2023) Review

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Kill Her Goats (2023) Review

Horrorific content by angie on August 14th, 2023 | Movie Review | Slasher, Slow Burn, Home Invasion, Survival, Campy, Thriller, College, Revenge, Maniac, B-Horror

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It's about Audra, whose graduation gift is her dream house, but which soon becomes a living nightmare when some uninvited guests come to her homecoming party who aren't very subtle about the fact they don't approve of the home's new owner.

Kill Her Goats was directed by Steve Wolsh and stars Arielle RayceneEllie GonsalvesKane Hodder (Tow, Death Breed, 13 Fanboy), Danielle MathersMonica SimsAmberleigh WestColleen Hagerty, and Skyler Seymour.

Kill Her Goats Review

"Kill Her Goats" unfolds as a deliberately paced home invasion film set in the fictional town of West Craven on Cape Cod, the same locale featured in "Muck!" Directed and written by Steve Wolsh, the movie boasts a cast including Arielle Raycene, Ellie Gonsalves, Monica Sims, Danielle Mathers, and the celebrated horror figure Kane Hodder, recognized for his iconic portrayals of Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley.

The film commences with a gripping homage to the 80s slasher genre, masterfully showcasing Kane Hodder's enduring capacity to embody a profoundly brutal cinematic killer. Hodder's portrayal, armed with a uniquely memorable weapon and brought to life through entirely practical effects without CGI, immediately seizes the viewer's attention.

As the story shifts, the audience is treated to sweeping, picturesque shots of Cape Cod that rival the promotional materials of the area's tourism board. The introduction of the attractive ensemble cast follows suit, set against a backdrop of lively, upbeat music. The contrast is strikingly effective, weaving together seamlessly instead of feeling abrupt. The film swiftly establishes its distinct charm interwoven with humor as Audra (Raycene) guides viewers on a tour of the primary setting for much of the narrative. This integration of quirky humor converges with POV shots from an enigmatic observer, paired with a tension-building yet understated score, crafting an intriguing blend of innocence and impending danger.

As the main cast gathers for a sleepover, the pacing momentarily stumbles. The characters appear to lack sufficiently engaging activities, creating a sensation that time is being stretched until Hodder's return. This isn't synonymous with poor quality; moments of humor punctuate the scenes, the chemistry among the cast is palpable, and devoted "Muck" fans will find gratifying callbacks.

The film's momentum resurfaces as the POV shots from the unseen observer resurface. The narrative deftly sets up numerous horror conventions, offering ample opportunities for the killer to make their move. Interestingly, many of these setups remain unexplored, heightening the suspense as the audience anticipates the next victim. With a compact cast, there's minimal room for extra kills, amplifying the sense of danger.

The film remarkably captures the essence of an 80s-style Friday the 13th movie, contemporized through 4k resolution. Kane Hodder unmistakably channels Jason in select scenes. An undisclosed twist, absent from the trailers, injects an additional layer of intrigue. The kill sequences are gratifying, and the arsenal of weaponry employed rivals some of the best in the horror genre. Although the practical effects occasionally reveal their inherent limitations, they retain their allure compared to even the most polished CGI in the horror realm.

While not devoid of imperfections, "Kill Her Goats" delivers an enjoyable cinematic journey enriched with gore, fan nods, and the eponymous goats. The distinct setting is meticulously harnessed, featuring stunning cinematography further complemented by an outstanding score and soundtrack. While the acting might not attain standout status, the line delivery is proficient.

Worth Watching?

Outside of minor pacing concerns, the film's main pitfalls involve two perplexing occurrences. One appears linked to "Muck," potentially hinting at a larger shared horror universe, while the other constitutes an unexpected and puzzling directional shift. Despite these minor missteps, "Kill Her Goats" remains an engaging odyssey that addresses a rare cinematic craving - an enthralling and visceral slasher film reminiscent of the 80s classics.

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