Joy Ride 3 (2014) Review

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Joy Ride 3 (2014) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on March 01st, 2019 | Movie Review | Road Trip, Thriller, Teen, Stalker, Joy Ride Series

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It's about a group of friends on a road trip who recklessly start some road rage with the wrong guy.

Joy Ride 3 was directed by Declan O'brien (who also directed Wrong Turn 5: BloodlinesWrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, Sharktopus and Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead) and stars Jesse Hutch (from The Tooth Fairy), Benjamin Hollingsworth (from Rapid) and Ken Kirzinger (from Freddy Vs. Jason).

Rusty Returns...

Joy Ride 3 Review

This third and final part of the Joy Ride trilogy starts off strong. The very first scene has a naked chick named Candy (as in "Candy Cane") smoking crack. After finishing her crack her and her boyfriend need more crack so they jump on the 'ol CB radio and try to lure in a trucker to rob. Well, as you can probably guess, they have the misfortune of reaching Rusty Nail and within 10 minutes this movie makes good on its name: Roadkill.

In Joy Ride 2, Rusty Nail had a different voice actor. But the guy looked the same, big husky fella. In this one Rusty was a completely different guy entirely, they didn't even try to match his build. This Rusty was a skinny little dude. This Rusty also got out of his truck a lot more than the previous Rusty's, there were a lot of fist fights in Joy Ride 3.

The road trip car in this one went an entirely different direction as well. Instead of a classic muscle car they went with a new Subaru WRX highly modified race car. They also added in some comic relief by casting a truck stop waitress that was a splitting image of Large Marge, the mean truck driver in Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

As for the movie itself, it actually wasn't bad at all for a third part. They took it in a bit of a different direction but it really worked. They actually played off the torture aspects of part 2 and made this one pretty damn bloody. There were a lot of creative kills using various truck parts.

This one also had Rusty Nail sneaking up on people a LOT. It was hilarious, this big giant loud truck was somehow able to just quietly roll up before flashing on its brights and blaring its horn. The first couple of times was a little unbelievable, but the more it kept happening the funnier it got. I actually found myself looking forward to it.

So after watching all 3 Joy Rides I can tell you that the moral of the story is clear. Don't screw with people just for a laugh. In every Joy Ride some obnoxious teen went out of his way to antagonize some random guy, this random guy just happened to be a homicidal maniac who laid out some tough lesson learnin'.

Worth Watching?

Joy Ride 3 was a lot of fun, I can see myself watching this entire trilogy again.

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