Jack-O (1995) Review

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Jack-O (1995) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 20th, 2019 | Movie Review | Slasher, Halloween, Revenge, Witchcraft, B-Horror

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It's about a demonic pumpkin man wreaking havoc on a nice suburban neighborhood on Halloween night.

Jack-O was directed by Steve Latshaw (who also directed Biohazard: The Alien Force and Dark Universe) and stars Linnea Quigley (from The Barn, Demonica, Virginia Obscura), Maddisen K. Krown and Gary Doles 

He's Baaack!

Jack-O Review

I've always wanted to see Jack-O . It came out back when I was a teenager as a cheap straight to VCR horror flick. I had seen it floating around over the years but never got the chance to watch. Well, here I am scrolling through Amazon Prime, a couple of weeks past Halloween, and guess what pops up. Jack-O! So, it looks like I'm watching one last Halloween movie this year.

"Mr. Jack will break your back, cut off your head with a whack... whack... whack!"

This old school nostalgic 80's style straight to video B-horror from the 90's is full of these great scary nursery rhymes about Mr Jack the Pumpkin Man. According to the legend, Mr Jack is a pumpkin-headed demon summoned by a wizard to get revenge on the people who killed him. But, before Mr Jack even got started, the family he was after got the jump on him and trapped him in a grave. Fast-forward several decades and a group of restless teens release Mr Jack, who quickly resumes his hunt for the family who killed the wizard. Of course, the fifth male descendant of the family (only the fifth male can kill Pumpkin Man for some reason), and Jack's new target, is just a kid.

"The Pumpkin Man will steal your soul, snap it up and swallow it whole. Then just as quick before you die, the Pumpkin Man will steal your eyes."

Jack-O has everything you're looking for in a cheap B-horror. Ridiculous plot, amateur script, poor acting, buckets of fake blood, hilarious kill scenes and boobs. Lots of boobs, for no reason other than to give teenage horror fans something to high five over (kids in the 80's and 90's high fived all the time).

Jack-O also gives you a horror movie within a horror movie. There's this fictional horror anthology TV show running throughout called Dr. Cadaver's Asylum of Horrors that's a lot like Creepshow or Tales from the Crypt . This did a nice job of doubling down on the nostalgia.

"Mr Jack will snap your spine, cut you in half with a scaly vine."

Worth Watching?

If you were into horror from the mid 80's to mid 90's and watched your share of cheap low-budget flicks (and if you like boobs) than you'll probably love Jack-O as much as I did. It's such a fun watch, I'll be adding this to my permanent library to watch every October from now on. It's just so good in so many ways.

Don't forget to check this epic scene starting at 2:20 (definitely deserves a spot on a top 10 funny horror deaths!)

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