It (2017) Review

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It (2017) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 06th, 2019 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Phobia, Psychological, Clown

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It's about a group of kids in a small town who have to band together to fight off an ancient demon who takes the form of their worst fears.

It was directed by Andy Muschietti (who also directed It: Chapter 2 and Mama) and stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise and a bunch of kids making their debut in horror.

You'll float too...

It 2017 Movie Poster

The original It, a miniseries from 1990, was about an alien that would surface every 27 years to feed. This reboot of It from 2017 came out exactly 27 years later, creative timing to say the least.

Everyone knows It as a clown, but it's actually just some kind of an evil alien that can take the form of anything it likes. According to Stephen King's original story, this alien feeds on people and finds them more delicious when they're gripped with fear. It considers fear like salt, makes his food taste better. And who are the easiest people to scare? Kids.

It loves to feed on kids because they scare easily and are easier to snatch. And its favorite form is that of a clown named Pennywise because it helps him to get close to his favorite treats.

This reboot of It kicks off in Derry, Maine in the late 80's and follows a group of misfits who call themselves The Losers Club. They each are bullied by somebody, both by literal school bullies and by abusive parents. Individually they're all punching bags. But together they learn they can fight back, a very handy skill to develop ahead of Pennywise's resurfacing after a 27 year fast.

This movie got a ton of hype around its release, and for good reason. It's a creative, scary and atmospheric horror movie that can stand up next to any modern Hollywood horror . And one especially unique quality of It, it appeals to wide range of movie fans. If you want shocks and some gore, you get it. If you want a deep story with fleshed out characters, you get it. If you want to see a "scary movie", but also want some feel good moments, you get it. It really is the full package and I look forward to seeing the sequel, It: Chapter 2 .

Worth Watching?

Absolutely. Not only is it a great adaptation of the original miniseries but the movie can easily stand on its own among many of the best modern horrors.

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