Intruders (2016) Review

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Intruders (2016) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 25th, 2020 | Movie Review | Home Invasion, Phobia, Thriller

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It's about some guys who break into a house hoping for some quick cash, only to find themselves seriously screwed in a quick hurry.

Intruders was directed by Adam Schindler and stars Beth Riesgraf (from Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead), Rory Culkin (from Lords Of Chaos and Welcome To Willits) and Joshua Mikel (from Last Shift and Kirksdale).

They Should Have Left Her Alone

Intruders Reivew

Intruders is a home invasion horror movie that's about a shut in woman named Anna who is taking care of her dying adult brother. Her brother finally croaks one day and Anna is all alone in a huge house. She has stacks of cash laying around which someone notices and that someone's thug friends show up to get rich. Thing is, Anna is not at all what she appears to be, which is a timid quiet woman with crippling anxiety. Her brother also was not who he appeared to be. Hell, the entire house isn't what it appears to be. It reminded me of The Collector because, like Intruders, a guy breaks into a house that's not what it seems to be and he's forced to fight for survival in a rigged labyrinth.

All home invasion movies tend to have a twist. Hush was about a deaf woman terrorized by an intruder. Don't Breathe was about a blind guy terrorized by intruders. The Strangers took place in an abandoned suburban neighborhood. You're Next takes place in a sprawling country estate. Intruders has a twist that I did not see coming. And it wouldn't be cool if I even hinted at it, so you'll just have to trust me. Intruders is awesome.

The cool thing about this movie is it keeps you guessing constantly. At first you think it's obvious what's going on. Then everything changes. Then something else happens and now you get it. And then you're wrong again. This movie has a few layers that were creatively interwoven with some brutal violence and freaky psychological abuse.

Probably the only thing I didn't care for much was the very ending. Like a lot of indie horrors and short films, it felt like the ending was either rushed or just intentionally cut. Maybe the budget ran out, maybe it was a technique to spark conversation. Either way, I could have used another scene or two to help wrap things up.

Worth Watching?

Definitely. Intruders is not your typical home invasion horror and worth checking out if real horror that could actually happen is your thing. 

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