Ice Cream Man (1995) Review

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Ice Cream Man (1995) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on March 25th, 2019 | Movie Review | Indie Horror, Comedy, Killer, Campy, Maniac, Asylum

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It's about a deranged ice cream man who drives around serving up two scoops of terror. Okay, that was cheesy. But... not nearly as cheesy as this iconic slasher comedy from '95!

Ice Cream Man was directed by Norman Apstein and stars Clint Howard (from 3 from Hell, House of the Dead, Not Like Us, Ticks), Olivia Hussey (from Distortions, The Cat and the Canary, Black Christmas) and David Warner (from In the Mouth of Madness, Inner Sanctum II, Body Bags, Grave Secrets).

Now that's what I call a brain freeze!

Ice Cream Man Review

The Ice Cream Man is about a kid who witnesses his own local ice cream man gunned down in an Al Capone style drive by shooting. Traumatized, he sits down next to the stiff and starts eating a sugary treat, worrying about how he'll get ice cream now that his own ice cream man is sleeping with the fishes.

Fast-forward about 30 years and that same kid has now taken over the ice cream route, only now that he witnessed the shooting, he's completely bat shit insane and is as has a Jeffrey Dahmer level of comfort with killing.

Ice Cream Man is a love it or hate it type of movie, I personally loved it. It has an 80's vibe, similar to Stranger Things, It or Summer of '84  where a group of friends cruise the neighborhood on their bicycles solving mysteries. This group call themselves "The Rocketeers" and ride around with literal rockets strapped to their handlebars.

The movie, overall, is a bloody sloppy mess. There's body parts in the ice cream, blood smeared all over the place, ice cream dripping off hands and severed heads in waffle cones. It's definitely over the top.

The music is amazing. There's a LOT of organs. Often, the music is overkill for the scenes, but that's what makes it jump out as an integral part of the movie. It's an in your face throwback to cheesy slashers of the past.

Worth Watching?

I think so. It's an iconic B-slasher that every fan of cheesy horror should see. It's worlds better than the lesser Ice Cream Truck.


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