I Trapped The Devil (2019) Review

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I Trapped The Devil (2019) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 23rd, 2019 | Movie Review | Christmas, Drama, Psychological, Madness

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It's about a guy who fervently believes he trapped Lucifer himself in his basement.

I Trapped The Devil was directed by Josh Lobo and stars AJ Bowen (from Deathcember, Satanic Panic), Jocelin Donahue (from Dead Awake, Summer Camp) and Susan Burke (from Southbound).

I Traooed The Devil Review

I Trapped The Devil is an indie horror based directly off an old Twilight Zone episode from 1960 called The Howling Man.

In The Howling Man a guy shows up to an old monastery begging for shelter but is turned away. He eventually convinces the monks to let him stay the night, but during his stay finds another guy trapped in a cell. He's told the prisoner is the Devil, understandably doesn't believe it, releases him, realizes he was in fact the Devil and makes it his life's mission to recapture him.

In I Trapped The Devil a guy shows up to his estranged brothers house for Christmas but is turned away. He eventually convinces his brother to let him and his wife stay, but during his stay finds another guy trapped behind a door in the basement. His brother is thoroughly convinced his prisoner is the Devil, which he and his wife understandably don't believe. From this point forward the movie goes in a unique direction from The Twilight Zone episode.

I Trapped The Devil is a micro budget film that all takes place in one house and only really has three characters. It's a dramatic slow burn with saturating crimson lighting and a strong and suspenseful score, similar to something you'd see in an A24 film like Hereditary or The Witch . It's a very tense movie with steadily mounting dread, however this unfortunately get stretched out for too long. There's no real breaks and not enough dialog or character depth to support it. And by the time the ending rolls around, which actually was unexpected and thought-provoking, you're left feeling like you watched a really long short film.

As for the Christmas aspect, it's just a detail in the background, it's not actually a Christmas movie. Christmas is the reason why the brother shows up unannounced, that's it.

Worth Watching?

I actually really liked this one and definitely think it's worth watching, as long as you like slow burns. Because make no mistake about it, I Trapped The Devil is a serious slow burn .

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