House of Psychotic Women (1974) Review

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House of Psychotic Women (1974) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on January 04th, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Campy, Thriller, Dysfunctional Family, B-Horror

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It's about a guy who gets hired by three hot sisters to help out around their house, shortly before a serial killer starts serial killing them off.

House of Psychotic Women was directed by Carlos Aured (who also directed Trapped by Fear and The Mummy's Revenge) and stars Paul Naschy (from The Valdemar Legacy, Night Prowlers), Diana Lorys (from Fangs of the Living Dead, The Awful Dr. Orlof) and Maria Perschy (from The People Who Own The Dark, Exorcism).

Within their doors await the most Unspeakable Acts

House of Psychotic Women (1974) Review

House of Psychotic Women is a low budget Euro trash horror from 1974 that was a blast to watch (but mostly only because it did not age well, like at all). It's similar in style (and trashiness) to Night of a Thousand Cats from 1972, another hilariously terrible movie that aged horribly.

House of Psychotic Women was never on my radar. I actually learned of it while at some small antique shop while on vacation, they had an old movie poster of it that grabbed my eye. I bought the poster and naturally had to buy the movie as well. So now I look like a huge fan with a copy of the movie on my shelf and a framed poster on my wall. Had I seen the movie beforehand, I wouldn't own the poster or the DVD.

The movie takes place in a small commune in France named Perouse. It starts off focusing on a drifter, with a past, looking for work who gets picked up by a woman who hires him to help her and her sisters keep up their crumbling manor (and to provide romantic favors if you know what I mean). Shortly after he starts his chores, women around town start getting killed and de-eyeballed by a mysterious killer.

Overall it's a whodunit murder mystery backed by some funky, funky bass lines. Although, the looping score is way too upbeat and playful for some of the grisly scenes it plays over. This is after all a movie about a killer who carves out the eyes of his victims.

It's not a scary movie. It's barely suspenseful. But it is gripping and often unintentionally hilarious. There's also quite a few twists and turns and a much stronger ending than I expected.

Worth Watching?

I'd have to say no, not unless low budget 70's Euro mysteries are your thing. And they really would have to be because House of Psychotic Women is tough to find. As of this writing it can't be found streaming anywhere. I had to buy a used copy of the DVD off Ebay which kinda sucks because I'll never watch it again.

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