House 4 (1992) Review

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House 4 (1992) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 12th, 2020 | Movie Review | Campy, Haunted House, B-Horror, House Series

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It's about Roger from House 1 moving back into the same house with his family, dying and then his family having to fight off the evil spirits that still haunt the place.

House 4 was directed by Lewis Abernathy and stars Terri Treas (from Nightmare On The 13th Floor and The Terror Within), William Katt (from Mirrors 2 and AVH: Alien Vs. Hunter) and Dabbs Greer (from It! The Terror From Beyond Space and The Vampire).

Home Deadly Home

House 4 Review

House 4 is a haunted house horror that's about the "Cobb family" moving back into the same house that ran Roger off back in the first House. I say "family" because it's not the same family from the first House. Totally different wife and now they have a daughter instead of a son. But, it's a low budget haunted house movie from 1992 that looks like it was made in 1982 so I'm just going to roll with it. Another thing that I'm just going to roll with is the fact that this time the house wants to both hurt and help them. And also it's on sacred indian ground all of a sudden. 

It reminded me a lot of Poltergeist because it's also a cheesy 80's haunted house movie jam-packed with practical effects, fog machines and strobe lights.

House 4 feels like it should be the direct sequel to House 1. Same guy, same house, seamless story. In House 1 Roger was separated from his wife and moved into a house he inherited during his separation. In House 4 he's back with his wife and they move into the house together. Why would Roger move back into a haunted house that kicked his ass the first time? No idea. You gotta roll with it. So they move in, get settled and then Roger dies in a car explosion, because why not. His wife and daughter now live in the haunted house alone with no experience on how to fight the spirits. But then all of a sudden there's an old Indian guy who shows up who knows everything, so that helps.

House 4 is a weird old haunted house movie that probably could have been a short film. Most of the runtime feels like fluff used to stretch it out to 90 minutes. It seriously drags ass for most of the second half. 

I was honestly looking forward to this one, knowing it was a continuation of the first House. But man, what a let down. In the end it was just a long, slow sad death of the House franchise. 

Worth Watching?

Nopes. Let's forget about the House franchise and move onto the next. I wonder if the Ghoulies movies are any good?

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