House (1986) Review

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House (1986) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 10th, 2020 | Movie Review | Campy, Haunted House, War, 80's Horror, House Series

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It's about a guy who moves into an inherited house only to find out it's cursed and the spirits that haunt it want his ass out.

House was directed by Steve Miner (who also directed Day Of The Dead and Lake Placid) and stars William Katt (from Mirrors 2 and AVH: Alien Vs. Hunter), George Wendt (from King Of The Ants) and Richard Moll (from Circus Kane and Ghost Shark).

Ding dong, you're dead.

House Review

House is about a guy named Roger Cobb, a successful writer, married to a successful actress who gets tired of the fame and decides to move out into the middle of nowhere, into a house he inherited from his grandma. Shortly after moving in he realizes the place is haunted and has to try to fight off the spirits trying to run him out. It's your typical haunted house movie in this way, but actually turns out to be surprisingly unique. 

Roger fought in Vietnam and the new book he's writing is about his experiences there. Roger and his wife also had a son who mysteriously disappeared in the same house he inherited. So there's the typical haunted house thing, but there's also some crazy Vietnam flashbacks and a supernatural battle to reclaim his lost son. His grandma keeps showing up and telling the history of the house through macabre paintings and there's a super cool neighbor who jumps in and helps Roger fight the house. 

I went into this movie thinking it was going to be a comedy, since that's what the House franchise is known for. But to my surprise, it's a lot like the Ghoulies franchise in that the first movie was clearly meant to be serious. House 2 was a comedy start to finish, just as Ghoulies 2 was. Both House and Ghoulies debuted in 1985 and their sequels in 1987 and 1988, respectively. My best guess is that budgets were too low for proper visual effects and as a consequence people thought they were ridiculous. So rather than abandoning their concepts, they both changed gears and adopted the ridiculousness. Nowadays, the House franchise overall is considered comedy, but really only House 2 is. House, I believe, was intended to be serious. House 2 was over the top comedy/fantasy. House 3 has absolutely nothing to do with any of the House movies in that it's a serious slasher and House 4 was intended to be serious as well. Overall, this is one of the most unfocused of horror franchises I've ever come across. 

I had a fun time watching House. It's a cool ghost story, but holy hell did it not age well. It's 80's b-horror through and through.

Worth Watching?

I actually do think it's worth checking out, assuming you're not looking for a serious horror that's scary or even suspenseful in any way. House is just a goofy 80's horror that has a weird way of growing on you. 

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