Hideout (2021) Review

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Hideout (2021) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 22nd, 2022 | Movie Review | Slow Burn, Cursed, Supernatural, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Police, Witchcraft, B-Horror

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It's about four criminals who stay for shelter at a remote farmhouse after their robbery goes wrong and find that the family living there aren't what they appear to be.

Hideout was directed by Kris Roselli and stars Katie LyonsBryan EnrightAudrey KovarChris WolfeJanice LaFlamMark A. BaumEric Francis MelaragniOmar Torres, and Gail Scott-Key.

Hideout (2022) Review

Hideout opens with a shot of a telephone pole covered in missing person posters, followed by gunfire as a liquor store robbery goes wrong. Reed is shot, and the others need to get him help and find a place to hide.

A group of friends tells the owner of a random house that their friend was shot in a hunting accident. While the owner and her granddaughter care for the injured man, the group starts feeling strange about the pair. The scene was weird enough, but it was even more bizarre because Rick seemed to have vanished between the car and the house.

Criminals who are looking for a place to hide often choose the wrong house to hide in. This has been a staple of crime thrillers and horror films, such as The Desperate Hours, Fight for Your Life, and Blood Massacre. Not to mention, there have been countless episodes of TV shows like The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery that have featured this same plot. As a result, it can be challenging to develop something new, and Hideout does, to some extent.

When the criminals arrive at the house, writer/director Kris Roselli begins adding strange twists. These are enough to let us know that something is not quite right without giving away what is going on. Hideout is a slow-paced film that keeps viewers guessing about the mystery. With a runtime of under two hours, viewers will have plenty of time to mull over the clues and try to piece together the puzzle.

While it somewhat overstays its welcome, Hideout makes good use of most of its runtime by alternating between traditional crime thriller and outright horror genres. One minute the police are investigating, the next, a creepy stuffed bear's head moves and watches Kyle as he walks by. Is the feeling of being followed by a mysterious, dark figure real, or just a product of stress and lack of sleep? Is it a nightmarish monster, or just a bad dream?

Audrey Kovar is due much credit for making Hideout as successful as it is. She performed as Rose in a way that was just the right mix of strange and creepy. The woman is beautiful and seems to have some weird power over the two men. It's as if she's a real witch, and her attractiveness is dangerous.

Hideout is a low-budget horror movie with a cast of primarily inexperienced actors. Nevertheless, they create tension and horror, especially in the final act.

The director avoids using scares or special effects for most of the movie, saving them for the last half hour. This makes the last half hour more intense and shocking, with potentially painful violence. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to end the story correctly, so he added an epilogue that ruined the impact of the final scene.

Worth Watching? 

Despite some flaws, Hideout is a well-made film that could benefit from tighter editing. However, many of the cast had little prior experience and did a great job with the material. Roselli, in particular, shone in her debut feature.

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