Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Review

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on October 13th, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Halloween, Teen, Maniac

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It's about Michael Myers' sixth attempt to kill off his kin.

Halloween: Resurrection was directed by Rick Rosenthal (who also directed The Birds II: Land's End and Halloween II) and stars Jamie Lee Curtis (from Halloween and Virus), Brad Loree (from Mr. Hush) and Bianca Kajlich (from Dark Was The Night).

Evil finds its way home

Halloween: Resurrection Review

Resurrection starts with a quick recap of how H20 wrapped up, with Laurie lobbing Michael Myers' head off with an axe. Turns out there's no "resurrection" here, Laurie simply accidentally chopped up the wrong guy. Myers apparently stuffed some innocent guy in his clothes and set him up for Laurie's revenge. She gets locked up in a mental hospital and sits there for three years until one day Myers shows up and starts slashing his way to get to her once again. And that was it for Jamie Lee Curtis, her role in this Halloween lasted all of 15 minutes.

Hard cut and we're suddenly being introduced to a group of college kids who are participating in a reality show where they all have to stay the night in Myers' old home. And carrying on the new tradition of casting rappers, they have Busta Rhymes in this one (Woo Hah!). Last time around it was LL Cool J. I actually really like this new direction, both guys inject a lot of energy and personality into the franchise. 

The meat of the movie starts when the college kids are locked up in Myers' house for the night. They all wear cameras which helps tap into the found footage style that was big at the time. It also taps into the jump scare thing big time. I lost count of them after 30 minutes, every other scene blasted you in the face with a jump attempt.

One interesting thing Resurrection reveals is that Michael Myers still lives in his old childhood home, but not actually IN the house but in a massive labyrinth under it. The place is probably bigger than the house itself. How was this feasable? I don't question this franchise anymore, it's better if you just go with it.

Resurrection took the Halloween franchise in a cool direction, making it feel more like a real life slasher thanks to the reality show angle. It shows a big group of people watching the live feed as if it were a real horror movie. Definitely had a Scream vibe going on.

Oh, and Busta Rhymes pulls some crazy Kung Fu on Myers. That alone makes Ressurection memorable.

Worth Watching?

As a standalone movie I think it comes across as a generic teen scream. It feels like a reboot made for a newer audience. Hardcore Halloween fans love this one, me not so much. 

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