Halloween: H20 (1998) Review

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Halloween: H20 (1998) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on October 12th, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Halloween, Maniac

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It's about Michael Myers' fifth attempt to kill off his kin.

Halloween: H20 was directed by Steve Miner (who also directed Day Of The Dead and Lake Placid) and stars Jamie Lee Curtis (from Halloween Kills and Halloween: Resurrection), Josh Hartnett (from 30 Days Of Night and The Faculty) and Michelle Williams (from Venom and Shutter Island).

Blood is thicker than Water.

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"H20" is Halloween 20 years later ('78 - '98). The movie starts with Loomis' nurse and her neighbors being slashed by Mikey Myers 3 days before Halloween. Fast-forward 3 more days and we have Laurie Strodes, now all grown up, waking up from night terrors and having to swallow a fistful of pills just to calm down enough to crawl out of bed.

Crazy thing is up to this point Jamie Lee Curtis, the face of the franchise and legendary scream queen, was only in the first two Halloween's. 17 years without her, now she's back. And after H20 she's only in one more, and only briefly, before the franchise continues on without her. It's kind of like if Heather Langenkamp from NoES became universally loved after being in only 1/3 of the series. Granted, Jamie's a much better actress and was in other popular horrors which helps. And speaking of popular horrors, there's a lot of nods to horror in H20 including Friday the 13th, Psycho and Scream.

LL Cool J is also in H20. I've been an LL fan since he was rappin' about his Radio and Rocking the Bells in the mid 80's. I would listen to his beats on my Boomin' System while Loungin and thinking of Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag being Crushed by Buildings. The dude is a Hip Hop legend who was so Bad he was Jinglin' in Paradise. For real though, the dude should be in more horror movies, he's a charismatic character.

H20 follows Lauries teenage son and his friends as they try to have some fun on Halloween while Laurie tries to numb out her trauma with booze. Michael Myers tracks her down and all shit hits the fan. He starts by slashing the teens and slowly works his way toward Laurie. Only problem, for him, is that by the time he makes it to her she's had enough and decides to fight back.

H20 was an awesome modern sequel. It gives you everything you love to love about horror movies. Fun characters, endless jump scares, an epic cat and mouse battle and a satisfying crazy ending. Now I know why Halloween fans love this one so much. Don't get me wrong, there was loads of cheese and endless unrealistic B.S., but the entertainment value was sky high.

Worth Watching?

Yeah if you like the Halloween movies then H20 is a must watch.

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