Ghost Stories (2017) Review

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Ghost Stories (2017) Review

Horrorific content by Jaredsoto on April 25th, 2021 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Haunted House, Dangerous Exploration

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It's about a man who embarks on a journey to debunk 3 chilling and unexplainable cases.

Ghost Stories is directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. It stars Andy Nyman (ABC'S of Death 2), Martin Freeman (Cargo), and Alex Lawther (The Imitation Game).

The brain sees what it wants to see.

Ghost Stories Review

A friend recommended that I watch this film. He didn't tell me much about it, just that it's pretty spooky. Those were the only words I needed to hear. Was his recommendation a good one? Or was this film a total letdown? Keep reading to find out.

As I stated above, I didn't know much about this film going into. I'm the kind of guy that actually likes to do research on movies and even watch a trailer to get a feel of what's to come. I didn't allow myself any information other than my buddy's word. So let's dig into the good stuff shall we?

Ghost stories is an anthology film. I know what you're thinking, "But Jared, Anthology movies usually suck." Well I'm here to tell you my friends that this movie right here is far from sucky. It's surprisingly good. The film follows a man (Nyman) who exposes fake psychics and does not believe in the supernatural. He then is put in a position to investigate 3 strange cases that were never solved and for good reason. It's so well done. The characters are actually interesting. The story itself is unique in how they set it up. Don't even get me started about the 3 cases. Spooky, weird stuff y'all.

There's a lot done right here with very little wrong. It's not perfect, but the pros outweigh the cons. I was actually upset at myself for not knowing about this movie sooner, but I'm just glad I got to experience it.

Worth Watching?

Yes! You will be surprised at how good it actually is. The story, the visuals, the music, the characters. All fantastic. The ending will have you questioning everything. It all works so well. The horror is there, as well as the suspense. It literally has something for everyone. For a directorial debut, Dyson and Nyman really knock it out of the park. I recommend it. Watch it during a movie night with some friends. It's tons of fun.

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