Frozen (2010) Review

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Frozen (2010) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 18th, 2020 | Movie Review | Survival, Wilderness, Teen, Gore, Isolation

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It's about a group of friends on a ski trip who get stuck and left for dead on a lift.

Frozen was directed by Adam Green (who also directed Victor Crowley and Digging Up The Marrow) and stars Emma Bell (from Final Destination 5), Shawn Ashmore (from Devil's Gate and The Day) and Kevin Zegers (from The Colony and The Hollow).

No one knows you're up there

Frozen Review

I went into Frozen completely blind and for whatever reason thought it was going to a a dumb fun casual horror like Rubber or The Final Girls. I was so very wrong. Frozen is the real deal and not for the squeamish. The premise is simple. Three friends, Parker, Joe and Dan get stuck on a ski lift and have to figure out how to survive. It's too far up to jump, the cables are too jagged to scale and it's only going to get colder before it gets warmer.

The cool thing about Frozen (no pun intended) is that it's surprisingly realistic. The reason our frozen friends were the last ones on the lift made sense, the reason they got stranded made sense and the reason they each found themselves in dire straits made perfect sense. I found myself yelling at the screen for them to do "what I would do" only to see it not work. It's an awesome movie because it almost makes you feel the same abject hopelessness that Parker, Joe and Dan do. Of course, had they remembered to bring their cell phones they would have been fine, but then we also wouldn't have had a movie.

There was a lot more gore than I would expect from a movie like this thanks to some wicked frostbite, razor sharp ski lift cables and a hungry pack of wolves. And blood looks all the more bloody when splattered over clean white snow.

Frozen easily ranks among my top 3 wilderness survival horror movies. It's up there with The Hills Have Eyes and Crawl and is way better than others like Backcountry, The Shallows and 127 Hours. A new movie came out just recently called Let It Snow which seems to be somewhat similar to Frozen that I'll be watching soon.

Frozen (2010)

Worth Watching?

I think so, for sure. I've always liked wilderness survival horror movies because it's something that happens to people all the time. You probably won't ever get possessed by a demon or have to fight off a slasher stalking you in your nightmares, but anyone can find themselves stuck in nature.

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