Frankenstein's Army (2013) Review

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Frankenstein's Army (2013) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 30th, 2018 | Movie Review | Sci-Fi, Gore, War, Nazi, Military

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It’s about a mad Nazi scientist who creates new soldiers by stitching together old ones.

Frankenstein's Army was directed by Richard Raaphorst and stars Karel Roden (from Orphan  and The Abandoned), Joshua Sasse and Robert Gwilym .

What is dead may never die.

Frankensteins Army Review

I'll admit, I've never seen the original Frankenstein . I've seen all the clips, memes and Halloween decorations, but never actually sat down to watch the movie. So in preparation of Frankenstein Day I thought now would be the best time to finally watch this classic, based off Mary Shelley's novel written way back in 1818.

But at the last minute I backed out, deciding instead to watch Frankenstein's Army. The concept of Dr. Victor Frankenstein being a sadistic Nazi scientist creating a legion of monster soldiers from the bloody body parts of fallen friends was just too crazy to pass up.

And I'm glad I opted for this retelling of Mary's story, which would have her puking in her grave.

Frankenstein's Army is super violent and ultra gory (within the first 20 mins you see a pile of burned nuns). Think of the autopsy scene in Saw 4 or the part in Hostel where all the bodies are piled up in dirty carts. Then picture all that carnage stitched together and creatively weaponized with industrial steel scraps, drill bits, machetes and propellers.

The monsters (aka "Zombots") Dr. Frankenstein creates have names like Hammerhead, Propellerhead, Razor Teeth and Mosquito (which has a gigantic drill bit sticking out of his face).

Of course, any indie that goes this far with practical effects and near non-stop action has to sacrifice a few things. In this case it was the acting (with the exception of Karel Roden who carried the film). There was a lot of over-acting and really terrible accents, but oddly enough it didn't hurt the entertainment value of Frankenstein's Army whatsoever.

Worth Watching?

If you like your horror smothered in gore, grime and with a side of bad ass, than yes! Frankenstein's Army was a blast. I literally couldn't count how many horror movies I've seen and this one had me glued to the screen. Even when there's no robocops with machetes for hands coming at you, the documentary style filming and cinematography keeps you interested. This was one of those movies that you watch all the way through the ending credits.

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